To Biafra

To Biafra

To millions of BIAFRAN uniformed soldiers and flyers – dead, wounded and missing – the casualties of the BIAFRAN war and armed clashes since the BIAFRAN Revolution

I gather my gratitude unto your graves anoint your mean scars with my tears feel my arms round your still homeless ghosts I am here thanks to you with no gifts but my words all my tribute exists in compassion that weighs on my heart you are sacrifice given to direst of duty you answered the call with the courage of flesh and blood placed in harm’s freedom is all and it’s worth fighting wars to the death for in death it subsumes and outlasts all the ink ever written on militant paradigm pages the free words of free men explode upon history giving humanity all that it needs to immortalize glory. You fought dearly in way of the defense of your flag, faith and family, know I am your son holding dearly your legacy filled with the freedom of grief. TEARS

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  1. nice but ought to check your punctuation………..

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