Beuatiful Colors of Sin: 22

A lot of tings happened after Kemi came to the house. Marvin was a happy man again and he was genuinely feeling a sort of fulfillment. He started to see things in a new light. The head teacher of the school his boys attended called him to remind him of their meeting. Tuesday saw Marvin in his office.

“It was a serious incident. We have to look at critically,” Mr. Adewale said on that morning. He removed his eye-glasses and sneezed into his handkerchief. Mr. Adewale was a man of fifty years of age, yet looking at him you would think he was older than that.

“What exactly is wrong, Mr. Adewale?” Marvin asked, not knowing where the conversation was drifting or the purpose of the meeting.

“Everybody saw the woman. It was almost closing time and parents were already coming in to take their children,” Mr. Adewale said, scrutinizing Marvin across the desk like he should have known where the talk was going.

Marvin titled his head and raised his eyebrows to indicate that he still did not know the essence of the conversation and his uneasiness was starting to show because he wanted to go and see Alice at the hospital and take her and the babies’ home.
He however, lowered his eyes to give the man a few seconds to compose himself and try it again.

Marvin knew he wouldn’t dare ask him to withdraw his kids. He paid three times the normal school fees for the boys to be registered there and there was no way he was going to let this ugly man deprive his sons of their education, even if they had HIV.

“The woman was obviously an AIDS patient and the parents are already asking questions,” the headmaster said, calmer but still bewildered.

“I am not sure where this is going but how many of these parents contributed anything to the money I used in building that school auditorium? How many of them spent a dime when I started the mini-stadium?”

“You don’t understand, if any sick looking woman creeps up here again, we have to ask you to withdraw your children,” Mr. Adewale said.

“What happened was just a minor thing and it’s certain it will not happen again, but whatever the case may be, I won’t have you threaten me with the withdrawal of my boys. You know what I am capable of. Have a lovely day sir,” Marvin said and stormed out of the office.

Mr. Adewale leaned back in his chair and stared at the retreating back of Marvin. He knew that he couldn’t possibly remove the boys from the school because he had collected money, money that went into his personal account.

His greed took the better of him when he agreed to enroll the boys despite their HIV status and he even had to change their clinic files. If it got to the school management, he would loose his job and if the incident leaked out, the parents might withdraw their children.

He was confused and hopefully wished that the situation would not get out of control and wished the mysterious woman would just crawl up somewhere and dies in peace.

5 thoughts on “Beuatiful Colors of Sin: 22” by Tai Fasina (@Tai)

  1. Although went far for his boys, I think they mean a lot to him and doing the best for them should be his driving motive.

    @Tai, wondering when all this will end… it’s been a nice reading so far. Before i forget, take note of typos as this episode began with one in the very first sentence………….

    1. Thanks @innoalafia dear. Duly noted. I appreciate your comment as usual. He is like a mother hen. We’ll where it leads

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Awww…….now those kids have to leave with that disease that people see as a stain in the society everywhere they go.

  3. Thaniels (@jayrume)

    definitely going somewhere …….. nice one

  4. Omena (@menoveg)

    This was a short one…

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