Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told. [2nd Edition – 2nd Episode]

I wasn’t really happy with the fact that Emmanuel and Demilade were dating. Sincerely, I had sleepless nights thinking of how to break them up. I thought of putting up a fight with Emmanuel. But then, I thought it would be immature of me to do such a thing as I am older than Emmanuel. I blamed myself for not acting fast. I just had to play along and pretend like I was in total support of their union.

Demilade never missed calling me every night to ask how my day went. She had graduated from our training school by this time but she came visiting sometimes just to check on me and her friends who were still our students. Emmanuel got admission into a private University and my prayers to God received utmost attention when Emmanuel started messing up. Demilade started complaining to me of how Emmanuel had stopped calling and giving her necessary attention and when she called him, he sometimes wouldn’t even pick up her calls and if he picked he wouldn’t respond well.

All these reports kinda made me happy. Abi now, na opportunity be this and I must not misuse it. I would call Emmanuel and act like I wasn’t happy with the way he was treating Demilade. And I would also pet Demilade to farabale sey all will be well…..all na scope. All through this period, I wasn’t still sure if the feelings I had for Demilade was genuine.

Demilade visited me in my office once in a while. She would come with great gifts. There were times she wouldn’t even call to inform me that she was coming. If she came and didn’t meet me on seat, I’d meet my gift in office. Demilade discussed almost everything about herself with me. I knew her more than her boyfriend, Emmanuel. It got to a time when Demilade stopped complaining about Emmanuel and I felt maybe she just got tired of Emmanuel’s unseriousness. That’s a good green light for me to test my faith.

Each time I tried to tell her what I felt for her, my love for my Ogun State girlfriend pulled me back. Demilade had a whole lot of problems securing an admission into higher institution. She wrote exams into over 3 federal universities but luck wasn’t on her side. She told me all these. Knowing all these information about her, and with the way we relate with each other, if I don’t let her know of my feelings for her, she’d just take me as a brother, I assumed.

The day I called her to tell her what I’ve been feeling about her, it was then she announced to me that she’s gained admission into one of the Federal Universities she wrote their examinations. She didn’t sound so good cuz she didn’t like the school. It was my duty to make her feel good about the school, of which I did. I encouraged her to go for it even though she wasn’t offered the course she desired to study. I spent all my credit talking to her like a special adviser. So, there was no time to confess. Case adjourned.

I left Barachel Computer Systems Limited after spending only 6 months of my supposed 12 months Industrial Training (I.T.). As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a very ambitious man who loves to take daring steps. I became an entrepreneur even without completing my IT year. I began a Home Service Computer Training. It went smoothly for me at the beginning. Later on, things became tough for me. So, I had to level up my services by becoming a software agent for companies. Things somehow became normal again. However, I and Emmanuel still got in touch. As a matter of fact, I sometimes visited him and his elder brother (who’s in the same school with him) in their school.

Emmanuel and his elder brother came home for a short break. Desmond was just 2 years older than Emmanuel. In other words, Emmanuel was Demilade’s age-mate. When I went to visit Emmanuel in their house….we had a playful argument over the way he had been treating Demilade….Emmanuel revealed tp me that he was no longer interested in Demilade and all he could do was to ignore her calls. I looked straight into his eyes and told him he was joking. Meanwhile, I was having a great party inside me. Desmond asked to know why we were arguing and I explained some things to him. He asked who the Demilade was. I already had many beautiful pictures of Demilade on my phone. I showed him some of Demilade’s pictures and his facial expression changed instantly and asked to know more about Demilade. I foolishly told him all he needed to know. Hoping what happened when I talked about Demilade to Emmanuel wouldn’t repeat itself this time around.

Demilade began processing her admission. If there were no calls, we would chat on social networks. I had begun giving her some hints about my feelings for her. Demilade, as wise as she was, must have known where I was driving at. Now that she and Emmanuel were no longer together….I was free to say whatever that has been bothering me. As I was about to hit the nail on its head…..something happened.

One faithful afternoon, Demilade called and asked what Emmanuel, Desmond and I were trying to play on her. “A game?”, she asked. She told me Desmond whom she never knew existed just asked her out. She claimed Desmond told her that since she was no longer his brother’s girlfriend, and they’ve (Desmond and Demilade) been into each other for some time now, which I felt wasn’t true but Desmond wanted a step further by having a relationship. I lost words that afternoon.

When and how did Desmond and Demilade get connected. He said they’ve been into each other for some time ….how?…..when? She didn’t tell me all these. Why would Desmond even ask Demilade out?, her younger brother’s ex even if they were friends.

I really can’t say what came over me the next day when I went to Desmond’s house…..I scatter floor for both of them gidigan.

…to be continued!

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  1. Though these are not the best
    in relation to love stories to be told
    I think this is still unfolding quite not bad
    and it’s something to follow to see where it all leads………

  2. Are you for real? Open up to her!

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