A Baby Changes Everything.

And I stare at how they chuckle, and how they
smile.. Teethless and innocent.. Their tiny palm
gripping your huge finger.. Wanting to suckle..
What beauty.. Okay! gabe is getting emotional..
*Park well guy*
My little sister was born about the time I was
battling with WAEC papers. She was the last
person I was actually expecting to come into my
world but she did. A little grown up now though
at 6, but she still rocks my world. Prior to when
she came, I must confess, I was a bit
sentimental about toddlers.. To say the least.
Carrying an infant felt like.. ” soiling my hands
with mashed potatoes” and I rarely cuddled..
Writing this piece now, my mind goes back and I
reminisce on how little chinasa, my little baby
taught me that even cheer and lessons could
come from something so little in agitated times..
Should I say I was angry? Naah, I guess hungry
would suit, because that thursday afternoon Mum
had, in her usually sweet discretion, left the
kitchen empty to face more important tasks.
Tasks that I couldn’t quite comprehend at the
time. I came back from school hungry, brain and
body exhausted with the hope of having a good
meal and loosing my self to the aftermath of
sleep and cool breeze. Well! Your guess is as
good as mine. Hopes were dashed meeting the
empty kitchen with absolutely no food. Yes! I
was hungry. Yes I was tired but Mum came out
from her room, Chinasa in one hand, a bottle
feeder in the other, then with an ”evil-look”
dropped the child in my arms. Almost as though
saintly, she spoke to me in suprising mildness:
”feed your sister gabe, but dont force her to
finish the food”
Being the first of my siblings to arrive from
school, the others still at their various learning
grounds, delegating chinasa’s feeding to
someone else was obviously out of the question.
And so in my hungry, disgusted mood, I picked
my self from the kitchen corridors and walked
down the living room to feed the infant.
And as I sat watching her twinkle, watching her
smile there, listening to her chuckles and those
tiny little noises she made every time she
suckled on her feeder, my disgust grew to thin
as though transformed. What filled my heart
seemed a little more than joy! Than mere
merriment.. In another suprising moment, the
baby offered me her bottle to drink.. Her hands
on the feeder, she stretched it towards my
Haha, I began to chuckle with her, and laugh and
smile, and that hunger which knew no bounds,
as my previous disgust grew to thin.. To
She changed everything, with innocence and
smile.. These babies come into your life and
redefine it, brings out your softest side even
admist uncertainty and strongheadedness.. I call
them the ”magic on the senses”
Nothing ever comes this close..

10 thoughts on “A Baby Changes Everything.” by Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

  1. A good try but it can be better……. the idea is not bad but it can be improved upon… from its structural arrangement to some better editing…………

  2. Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

    Thanks @innoalifa, i appreciate. I actually wrote this piece when i was sixteen.

    1. @GabrielNwogu, that’s a good try! We get better as we try our hands writing every day. You could check out my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/06/teacher-kindergarten/…..

  3. Punctuation issues.

  4. Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

    @schatzilien thanks for the read jawe….

  5. Interesting…

  6. my face is masked with smile now. i need a baby. good write man

  7. kay (@kaymillion)

    they are angels ……………….and can change lifes

  8. Mi, I luv babies too.

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