What He Said…(Part 6 – Final)

what he said

When they walked into the living room holding hands just as Bola and his fiancée had done, the room fell silent. Mrs. Daramola couldn’t combine the look of barely contained elation and contentment on her niece’s face with the tear streaks lining them but Lola’s mother merely looked between Kole and her daughter and smiled, stating matter-of-factly; “It’s about time.”

Kole and Lola smiled at her and turned to Bola, looking at him hopefully. He had his arm around Otonye and studied the once little cousin of his whom he held so dear to his heart. He looked from the love pouring out of Kole’s eyes to the happiness radiating from his cousin’s face and knew he had little to worry about. He just wished he’d known earlier; maybe it would have helped him watch his mouth.

“I would apologize for the statement that brought up this entire wahala in the first place but it’s as if you guys even owe me for it now.” Everybody laughed at that and Bola smiled at Lola. “For all the stress you put me through, you must sing at our wedding oh, shey you hear? This one I’m not even begging you again whether you are Brooke Fraser oh or Beckah Shae—.”

Lola grinned, let go of Kole’s hand and rushed Bola in a fierce hug. “I love you so much Bola, please forgive us.”

Bola wrapped his free arm about her. “I love you back smally. But sha tell your bobo im go be my best man. That’s his punishment for not paying due homage and taking permission to date my baby.”

Kole laughed. “I’d be more than happy to take on such torture.” He looked at his friend as Lola released him. “Thanks men.”

“Oya oya, before you people will kill us with all this lovingitis you’re doing-.” Her mother, who’d never gotten the full details of her daughter and nephew’s outing that day, turned to Lola. “-I know I’m like the slacker in knowing the details of various gist concerning my people.” She glanced at Otonye and shook her head. “For example, how sad is it that I only got to meet Otonye for the first time today? Anyway, daughter of mine, what did Bola even say that started all this?”

Lola stared at her for a very long time and then her eyes widened like saucers. The next second she was laughing uncontrollably, clutching Kole’s arm to keep from crumbling to the floor in a heap. Her aunt thought she was going mad

When she’d calmed down she looked at each person slowly, thoroughly amused.


“Would you guys believe it? I can’t even remember anymore.”



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  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)


  2. Nice, but I would have loved to know what he said, plus in the beginning I thought Bola and lola were the ones dating.
    Love the ending.

    1. Lol, i know but i’m leaving you to be guessing at it @ameenaedrees.
      The dating mislead was intentional…so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

  3. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    Get back here, @kwiksie, and finish what you started o!! Ehn-ehn. I am not giving you a free pass because after all that suspense, and the bet wey i don do with mysef…you must to confess wetin begin the whole surutu, no cop-out, you hear so??!. Lmao.

    Seriously though, this was a good series, authentic naija voice, not too complex and (vitally) not too long; I hate any NS series longer than 10 installments. I just stop reading and move on. The weakest of the lot for me was part 4, Parts 1,3,5 were my best. Good craft here, nice job. Hope to read more of yours.

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, lol. No vex, just try to fill in the blank spaces with whatever you’d like e-yeh?
      Quite frankly i don’t think i could have made it longer even if i wanted to…the story would just die. But i do hope i get so good at this that i’d still have you hooked even if i do a thread that well exceeds 10 installments. ;)
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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