3 thoughts on “Oluwarotimi’s Sacred Journey” by Iyanifa Ifayemi Fakayode - Melissa Harris (@MelissaHarris)

  1. traditional African poem………..
    resonating words of power
    chanting incantation
    primordial saviour of souls
    he’s conductor of destiny
    shaping, moulding
    this man is no ordinary man,
    a reflection of eternal light
    a mystical metaphysician in his own right………..

  2. :………: Poem Entitled: “Oluwarotimi’s Sacred Journey” — Written by Ifayoriju — Melissa Harris —

    He is to traditional African faith.
    What Imam is to the mosque,
    Untying the knot,
    Of man‘s creation.

    He is ONISEGUN

    Toiling beneath the light of the moon.
    Resonating words of power,
    With leaves, bone and root in hand.
    Chanting incantation tunes.

    He is BABALAWO

    Craftsman of spoken words, WISDOM.
    Primordial savior of souls…
    Through third dimension ODU Motifs
    IFA’S…Ancient celestial portal.

    He is conductor of DESTINY.

    Wounded character,

    He is HUNTER

    Ijala cantor …
    The incorporeal beast salutator
    Respecter…..Of Iku’s chosen feast.

    This MAN.
    Is No Ordinary Man.
    He is the reflection,
    Of Ela’s beacon of Eternal Light.
    Embracing pure altruisms,
    Illuminating eternal principles
    The mystical metaphysician,
    In his own rite.

    Copyright 2013 © Melissa Harris { Ifayoriju Olubuyi }

  3. I’ve posted the poem itself because the recording is not crystal clear.

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