the morning after

The Morning After 11

the morning after
the morning after

FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 2014.

Ogba, Lagos.


Funmi felt a tightening around her mid-section, she clutched her tummy as she rolled on the bed. It felt like the twisting pain she normally experienced before and during her period, but pregnant women don’t menstruate she thought to herself as the cramping sensations continued.

She had been feeling really uneasy and stressed out for the past few days, not just with having to travel from the police station to the VAW centre but with her mum’s attitude and comments. ‘After the meeting on saturday, at-least you can now register for your ante-natal sessions’, she had said on thursday morning. She had thoroughly ignored her, preferring to concentrate on dressing up for school as she tidied up her make up. She was resuming school after about two weeks absence as she couldn’t allow an investment of five years go to waste in its final lap. She would not give Bode the satisfaction of ruining her education. Life just had to continue.

She felt a warm wetness trickle down her left thigh amidst her wriggling on the bed that stirred her up to her feet. Blood? Her widened look seemed to ask as she hurried to the bathroom bent over. The pains that were sharp but intermittent were becoming more sustained with each passing second as she barely held out from screaming. She tossed up her night gown once inside the bathroom and watched as blood ran down her legs. ‘Mum!’ She called out, trying to restrain the panic in her voice as she saw some mucus looking substance in the discharge.

As alarmed and in pain as Funmi felt, she could also sense some tremors of excitement welling up in her, ‘Mum!!’ She groaned louder.

Mrs Badejo heard her daughter’s call in the room, but wasn’t sure she heard right. Funmi had limited their conversations since she opposed her abortion suggestion and had even grown formal with her dad whom she usually was closer to, after discovering that he was also hesitant to buy into her suggestion. The next call was a bit more desperate, prompting her to rise up quickly from her chair.

Dare drawn by the pace of his wife as she dashed past him and simply muttering Funmi when he asked if all was well, hurried after her as she headed to Funmi’s room. ‘What’s the problem,’ he kept asking as his wife hurried to answer the call.

The Badejos half walked and half ran into their daughter’s room and their eyes were immediately drawn to the several patches of blood stains on the cream coloured vitrified floor finish leading to the bathroom. ‘Funmi,’ Mrs Badejo called out as she made for the bathroom with her husband in tow. She turned the knob of the bathroom door and the image of her daughter with clenched teeth, clutching at her tummy with bloodstains on the floor of the bathroom was enough to pass the message.

‘Dear, hospital,’ She said to her husband, whom had not gotten a chance to see what the matter was about.

‘What’s the matter?’ Dare asked as he pulled his wife back to have a look at their daughter who was clasping her hands around her belly in pain. The look from his wife made him understand that this was better handled by women, ‘Okay,’ he said as he got out of the way, ‘get her out, let me go get the car keys.’

Funmi looked at her parents in amusement as they fell over themselves to attend to her. If there was anything she was glad to hear, it was that they were taking her to the hospital.

*** *** ****** *** ****** *** *** *** *** *** ****** *** ****** *** *** ***

Isolo, Lagos.


Kunle Johnson was clearly agitated. He was tired of telling his wife that Lekan was not just his younger brother but a grown man who had a family of his own. ‘I cannot force him to do what he doesn’t want to do, he says he will not attend the meeting and I get it, or do you think I’m happy going to this meeting?’ He asked his wife who remained silent. ‘I haven’t visited my friend in 2014 and my first visit is to go and start begging that he should pardon someone that he said raped his daughter?’

‘That someone is your nephew,’ his wife quipped, her face wearing a frown. She was obviously displeased by her husband’s reluctance to help. ‘And Bode said she was his girlfriend.’

Kunle Johnson eyeballed his wife.

Dunni walked into the discussion from school as her dad and mum engaged themselves, she had decided to leave school early so that she could avoid the usual traffic caused by those returning from work especially since she was free for the rest of the day.

‘Young woman, you’re welcome,’ Kunle Johnson replied his daughter’s greeting. ‘Sit down,’ he said, his tone of voice carrying with it a lot of authority.

‘Aah! She won’t even drop her bag?’ his wife asked in protest.

‘You will let me talk,’ Kunle fired back, silencing his wife, before turning to Dunni. ‘So what do you know about this Funmi’s case that has gone as far as the police station, that my friend Umar had to call me?’ Kunle asked his daughter, his eyes fully focused on the startled face in front of him. ‘You are her friend and room-mate, are you not?’

‘I am sir,’ Dunni replied.

‘Good, so go on.’

‘I know they are friends,’ Dunni continued.

‘I’m not asking if they are friends, Funmi is pregnant and she says Bode raped her, while Bode insists, they were in a relationship. He actually uses you as his alibi, so young woman what do you have to say?’

Dunni removed the sling of her bag from off her shoulder as the weight was becoming too much for her to bear or maybe it was the pressure from the questions that her dad was throwing at her. ‘Daddy, Funmi is a big girl and I wouldn’t know if she went out or didn’t go out with Bode, especially if she didn’t want me to know, but I saw them together a couple of times,’ Dunni replied, shifting very uncomfortably.

Kunle Johnson looked at his daughter, not one bit convinced by her response.

Dunni kept her gaze to the floor, fully aware that her dad was not satisfied by her reply to his question. Bode had called her to tell her of what his side of the story would be at the meeting and had advised that she corroborates his story, hence he needed her presence at the meeting. As usual, she had refused, as she couldn’t imagine stabbing Funmi not just in the back but right into her heart.

‘How do I look at her and lie to her face?’ Dunni asked, more from confusion than anger.

‘You don’t need to look at her, fix your eyes on the ground,’ Bode said impatiently, cutting the call.

If she couldn’t convince her dad with her response, how then did she hope to convince everyone at the meeting with Funmi’s eyes tearing down at her?

She raised up her head to catch her dad’s gaze, while her mum concerned herself with the news on the TV even though she was very aware of the conversation between father and daughter.

‘You can go,’ Kunle said, preferring to save his words. ‘I just hope you know that while it’s a settlement meeting, you might end up being the centre of attraction tomorrow as you’re the link between both parties.’

Dunni walked on towards her room not waiting to respond to her dad. If she had a choice, Funmi’s house would be a no-no tomorrow – she dreaded just the mere thought of being in that meeting.

*** *** ****** *** ****** *** *** *** *** *** ****** *** ****** *** *** ***

Wempco Road, Lagos.


The doctor looked down at the papers in front of him and up at the eyes staring at him. ‘What you experienced young lady is SAB, spontaneous abortion otherwise called miscarriage, erm…erm, I guess this is your first pregnancy?’

Funmi nodded.

‘From the test carried out in the lab from the discharge, the miscarriage was caused by chromosomal abnormalities which is the usual cause of seventy to eighty percent of all miscarriages I’ve handled, erm…it’s not something to panic about, we’ll give you some drugs…’ The doctor paused as he saw Mrs Badejo’s hands go up in the air while almost singing the words, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

Funmi watched in anger as her mum raised up her hands in an unnecessary display of drama. What hypocrisy.

‘Is there a problem ma?’ The doctor asked, his eyes running from Funmi’s angry face to the contrasting ecstasy in her mother’s eyes.

Funmi almost spat the words, she’s happy that her grandchild died, in sarcasm, but held herself back at the very last minute. She had never insulted her mother before and she would not start now.

The ultrasound results say it was a complete miscarriage, but I would need you to take some drugs from the pharmacy… the doctor’s voice trailed off as the thoughts in her mind became too noisy for her to hear him speak. She revelled in her good-luck, now she could concentrate on her strategy without the mighty distraction of a pregnancy. She was

confident that playing the video of the rape in the meeting would upset her parents, if not her mum, at-least her dad, so much so that the settlement meeting that her mum has now stylishly tagged it, would end up nothing short of a fighting meeting.

She pushed the track pad to the Media sign and tapped on it, she felt an urge to catch a glimpse of the video, it was her joker for the meeting, a video that she had not seen past the one minute, forty seventh second mark. She pushed the track pad past the Music and Pictures sign, allowing the highlight to rest on the Videos sign. As she tapped on the track pad to open up the section, she was roused by her mum calling her name. Funmi! Her mum called again, interrupting the procession and jolting her back to the realities of the doctor’s office. She tapped the end call button and slipped the phone back into her pocket, settling into her chair to listen to the doctor continue his speech. She smiled as she thought of the shock she was planning to serve at the meeting tomorrow, in just about seventeen hours’ time. At that moment, her eyes caught the staggering movement of the seconds’ hand of the wall clock as it steadily traversed the face of the clock chopping off several seconds from the seventeen hours. The countdown to Bodecalypse had begun.

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  1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

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  2. noksis (@oremeyi)

    Hmmmmmmm. Dee. Nice one. I cant wait to see how Bode is brought down without the video evidence. Please next episode soon.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @oremeyi thanks a zillion…the next should be out in a couple of days…afterall you’re feeding from two plates and you know how to get your meals…by the way…welcome back to the feedback column…its appreciated.*smiles*

  3. I hope she saved the video somewhere else cos her snake of a friend deleted it already..i hate that guy so much

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @schatzilein …saying you hate Bode is not a surprise….if your words could kill the guy, he would be six feet under by now….i wonder why you havent traced him yet…always nice having you here…you add colour to the comments. your stopping by is appreciated

    2. Hahaha you have refused to give me his address naw…else dat guy go for don enter one

      1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

        watch this space @schatzilein the address should drop soon…but why do i actually think you are capable of killing this guy?i dont trust you…walahi…

      2. Dont you think he deserves it affter what he did to the gurl??and he aint even showing any remorse at all..instead tried to blackmai her

        1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

          @schatzilein…cant share my opinion as long as the series is still running (makes me ineligible to speak)…cos some smart decoders like you will begin to interpret my bias…but the truth is most people never get what they deserve in Nigeria…especially when that stuff is Justice…look at the #BringBackOurGirls saga …Boko Haram isnt getting what they deserve for now…or are they?

          1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

            @schatzilein …cant share my opinion as long as the series is still running (makes me ineligible to speak)…cos some smart decoders like you will begin to interpret my bias…but the truth is most people never get what they deserve in Nigeria…especially when that stuff is Justice…look at the #BringBackOurGirls saga …Boko Haram isnt getting what they deserve for now…or are they?

          2. You are very correct..justice in naija is a joke…

  4. the story is getting better and intreasting

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @sarah welcome back to the feedback page…always nice having you stop by…i’m glad you think the story is getting better and interesting, that is thanks to TEAM TMA, these wonderful peeps who wont stop dropping their tots and making sure i work my socks off in getting better. thank you peeps..and thank you Princess for stopping by

  5. namdi (@namdi)

    I wish ‘bodecalypse’ was possible; I Wish.

    Thanks for the above comment.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      Yeah @namdi we all wish ‘Bodecalypse’ ws possible…. thanks for your consistency bro…appreciated.

  6. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    I have a feeling that there will be new twists/unanticipated revelations coming next.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @Nalongo no comments on that *smiles*… i just hope you keep enjoying yourself…thanks for the consistency.

  7. Thaniels (@jayrume)

    Hmmmmm. next please. But dont tell me that bode got away with this oooo…

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @jayrume *smiles* so what should i tell you? thanks for stopping by, appreciated.

  8. I have this feeling dat Bode will go scot-free…..

    Hmmmmm better not happen

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @schatzilein you and this your feeling…. “The Schatzilein State Of Mind”. thanks for dropping your tots.

    2. Hehehe bode brings out the feelings in me…

  9. @dees-hive, this story is interesting. I’ve not been following, but I’ll start from the first episode. I have a lot of catching up to do. One thing though: I cannot reconcile Funmi’s reactions with her circumstances. But then again, maybe it is because I haven’t followed the story from the beginning.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @febidel … i think so too…its nice having you on board. you should enjoy the trip starting from eps 1. please do drop ur tots as you read on so i can confirm that the TMA TEAM has been able to catch your fancy. thanks for stopping by and you are welcome to our playground

  10. Bode will not go scot-free,I strongly believe that.
    No peace for the wicked.
    @dee`s hive,well done once again.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @aniefiokitong thank you so much for stopping by … its appreciated. really appreciated.

  11. Your words were carefully chosen, creating an effect on my mind…

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @innoalifa thanks so much for dropping your tots…always always (the repetition is not a mistake, its for emphasis) appreciated.

      1. @dees-hive, keep on the great work…

  12. Thanks Dee.
    You make commenting on your series easy because you write well.
    Hope Funmi gets justice.
    Well done.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @olajumoke …symbiotic relationship…commenting for you is easy because i write well but you forget that i write well because you comment…*winks* your tots are appreciated.

  13. Hey @dees-hive,

    as usual, great story, good twist, as in her losing the baby without having to resort to abortion. But I will point out at a few things. Funmi, who is in pain manages to be amused at her parents. Well, I’ve had my fair share of menstral cramps, some requiring doctors visits and injections. And I can tell you a miscarriage is more painful than that. Don’t think she will have time to be amused. Also at the doctor’s office, how she got to flipping through her phone was completely lost on me. She should have been on a drip with IV injections and numbing pain medications. Medicine that should make her drowsy. I would have loved the final moments of this piece happening a day or two later in her quiet moments on bed in the hospital or something.

    but then, lots of drama, lots of saga in this story that keeps ius hanging on till the end. Can’t wait to see the bodecalypse.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @funpen valid points…tis the exact reason i say you guys make me better…but let me share my context and perspective … for the menstrual cramp part …i’m a guy and so cannot fault your description of the seriousness of it but i also spoke from real life experience of the ladies around me who suffer also very serious menstrual cramps … that also takes them to hospital sometimes and i have noticed when you try to cheer them up by cracking a joke, they usually let out a sad smile or even laugh but almost immediately return to a state of pain when cramping sensations return…they might even warn you not to make them laugh again…so studying that, i realise that there’s still some place for humour whether ironic or real…thats why i could place being amused in a state of pain…besides menstrual cramps, i’ve seen peeps been in pain and still being amused..(my tots)
      2. As per the miscarriage part i did kinda like some work on that. researched the level of pain…and the rate of recovery for the patient…discovered that in ‘many’cases of this nature, with the duration of weeks for which she has been pregnant, if her Spontaneous Abortion is a ‘complete’ one (which i mentioned it was, in the piece), it means she will not need a D&C to flush her system….her physical pains is kinda limited as the blood usually flows like a rushing ‘period’and immense flow should last some few minutes (Yes trauma may remain). however in handling the part of the drip with IV injections and numbing pain medications which is very very valid, i tried to make up for that with a time gap of at-least 5hours, they left the house to the hospital by atleast 9:30, and were still there by 2:40pm, time enough for a bedrest…drips..(depends on the flowrate of the drip and bla bla bla…)….long stories abi?
      this is just to show that i tried to put in some work into that part of the piece and after reading all the articles i could on the subject, determined that i could get away with my character doing what she did.
      when i think of such brilliant observations as yours… i make sure i try to do a bit of due diligence especially as i have such brilliant reading audience who are sticklers for excellence that they can detect when i’m starting a new mobile phone technology like @olajumoke in the last piece or a bit of my lazy writing like @Afronuts in ‘badt’in the first episode of this series. forgive the length of this explanation. thank you for dropping your tots

      1. Hey you are a guy!!!!!!

        Wow, more kudos. I actually thought you were female all along.

        No probs, I really like your story and I cant help but state what I notice when I read in hope that it makes the writer better. i’ve been critiqued before and I know how much it pinches to have one’s piece torn apart. I also know its made me better.

        I do want to commend you for your gentlemanly way of handling each critique thrown at you, and I love how you try to improve and bounce back. I have to say you will go very very far in your writing career and become so good you’ll amaze yourself. its rare to see people take the heat with such humility. I think that’s what I love the most about your work. thumbs up.

        1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

          @funpen so you tot i was a female? … really? and you’re not alone cos obviously @olajumoke was thinking same too (no wonder she was quick to give me a hug *laffs*)… ‘ everyone is coming outta the closet’ … so who else tot i was a female? wow …strange… never suggested it though…. thanks for stopping by…you thinking i was a female all along just had me cracking up for real.

  14. This installment did a good job of holding the reader’s attention from start to finish.

    Remember when I said there was the danger of veering into boring areas in one’s narration? Well, you did a good job of not falling into the trap here. this is why some readers who see the story for the first time by reading of this part are captivated into wanting to read the parts they’ve missed.

    This should inform you of the need to always take every part you post as a part that must seize your readers’ attention and leave them panting on the cliffhanger at the end.

    Its just the same way a suya seller sells his meat….he cuts a tasty sample for a potential customer and when he savours the taste, he’s compelled to purchase more. When every installment of a story leaves a juicy residue of a taste of things to come, you’ll find readers panting for more.

    You’re obviously doing that well, there were times you almost slid off the road of the excitement but you managed to get back on course.

    More ink to your pen blows…

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @Afronuts …i like the suya analysis …actually made my mouth water for some sample…and yes i remember you warning about veering into boring parts..the warning was loud and clear…just couldnt ignore it…inspired this piece…the comments in this series has helped drive this series to the place that it is right now. thanks for being there…

  15. You are a man @dees-hive?
    I thought you were a lady!

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @olajumoke … i’m very much a man…i wonder who else is thinking i’m a woman … strange news coming at this time …*smiles* thanks for sharing your tots and helping me clear the air on my confused gender …*laffs*.

      1. Always Knew you were a guy…wonder why they getting female vibes lool

        1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

          @schatzilein ‘The Schatzilein State of Mind’…why wont you know? *smiles*

          1. Lol na you sabi

            1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

              @schatzilein …*laffing* i didnt do anything did i….i was just saying hi…and recognising your powers…*laffing*

      2. @dees-hive LOL!!

        You’re a dude???

        Can you imagine! All this while I thought you were a lady…especially with your story…

        Cool still!

        1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

          ‘And you @Afronuts?’ #JuliusCaesar’sVoice, so i would have lost my bet just like that cos i was so sure you would know…at least you and @olajumoke that i have shared hugs with… this is interesting…

  16. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

    I liked the suspense at the end of this episode, especially when Jumoke read it out on Smooth FM. Very interesting story.

    1. Dee's hive (@dees-hive)

      @Olushademi thanks for stopping by and dropping your tots…it really is appreciated. i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  17. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! rotfl, shebi i told you!!!??!?
    I told you that your name eehn, na waya. The only reason i knew you’re male is ‘cus of the way you talk.
    And to me, sisters often prefer to put up their pictures than these anonymous creatures ya’ll seem to love so much (at guys that is.)
    Oh Lord, this was rather hilarious though….
    Lol, Dear Dee Dee….:p

    1. @kwiksie i know you must lend your voice to this ‘gender confusion brouhaha.’ just see the way you’re excited cos they mistook me for a girl….aaaaah! no further comments *thanks for stopping by*

  18. ehehn, i forgot to comment on the post sef.
    I’m really impressed with the lengths you went paying attention to how the ladies feel (or how you imagine they would) in the miscarriage situation.
    Funmi should pity her mom. She was kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. You know the child could turn your daughter’s life pretty topsy-turvy; but then abortion….
    There’s little else she would’ve done.

    I sure hope she’s got another copy of the video…though i doubt it.
    She’s probably going to get herself embarassed at the meeting – unless Dunni cracks that is.
    It’s true sef, that one should be training to be the devil her cousin is oh. Yeye pikin.

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