In Love With A Flirt


Love is still the most risky business venture ever.

There is no possible way to be sure how much you are loved by your partner!!!

Love takes you to the highest mountain in ecstasy and makes you sacrifice sensibilities for emotions.

I must admit, I fell in love with you. I fell deeply in love with you…you whom I thought would be my Princess in shining Ball Gown….if only I had known that you were a Doctorate degree holder in flirting.

I fell in love with a flirt, not a nice experience though. Unlucky me, I fell in love not just only with a flirt, but with one who could lie and make the devil shake in fear.

One minute they’re kissing you and dangerously romancing you, making you smile, making you feel like the only Romeo in their lives, making you think you’re on top of the world like D’banj. They take you to cloud nine while you’re right beside them on earth and the next minute, they’re chopping off your wings and stabbing your heart.

…stabbing your heart and still living in pretence, fooling you under the umbrella of those words, those sweet words that are coated with romantic arrows, those sweet words that can make a man do anything and everything, those words that led to the downfall of Samson the only natural superman that ever existed on earth… The other one we see on TV is totally fake!!! Three words, eight letters and one meaning buried deep down with betrayal…”I Love You.”

On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright, we were in love…at least that was what I thought. You took my breath away and then gave me the “breath of life” like the Mordsiths in Legends of the Seeker. You were my Cara, I was your Rahl.

With you I had zero strength, you were my weakness. I adored you like a goddess and treated you like a princess because I was born by a queen.
The only thing I couldn’t do was to die for you. How could I die and leave you behind..? Who will treat you and love you half as much as I did when I’m gone..? There was no limit on how far I could go for you, no boundaries no length because when my heart started functioning for you, my brain started malfunctioning too.

you did the impossible…you gained my trust. Not until I found out that I was just one of the four seeds on your Ludo board. It was all a Ludo game. Four guys on one board…and I was just a Ludo piece.

You played me so well, my detective mind is still in a maze. You are a Guru in the art of deceit…I didn’t even sense anything despite how hard I tried to. I saw your calls, read your chats yet all seemed well, no trace of smoke or fire. If only I knew there could be a smoke without fire, if only I knew your “I love you” was a danger sign…

Now I know, I know the sweetest words hold the greatest lies, I know the generation of Delilah is still alive, I know I’m a fool for sticking to one girl. I should have had three or even four but they’ll say all guys are the same, so I chose to be different.

Just so you know, two of your best friends gave me several passes, but I walked away thinking you were mine, thinking I was enough for you. I’m sure you also remember how Tope, Toke and Anu struggled for my attention and how I gave it to only you. So it was all a mistake!

Indeed you loved me! That was why you didn’t only shatter my heart but you blew the pieces far away, far away so another won’t heal it… but “what doesn’t kill you has other intentions” just so you know, you were a big lesson.

I was indeed in love with a flirt. I gave my whole life to you and you rubbished it. I dedicated my every breath to you, you were my life, my all, my love, I wanted to spend eternity with you, but you smashed my imaginations to a hard Iroko tree…Now I’m lost.

By Aminu Lekan

10 thoughts on “In Love With A Flirt” by Lekan (@Aminu)

  1. Beautiful Piece Of Work Sounded More Like A Poem Than A Story

  2. Oh my! @Lekan…….you are not lost. For a heart so deep and strong as yours ‘she’ will find you. Open your heart to another…..for you will learn and become stronger. Its good you were an exception, sticking to one and stuff. Whatever you do from now on make sure that once you recognize a good girl, be good for her.

    About the post: It started almost like a poem but I get it. Well constructed, you missed a coma here or there and one or two typos but nothing major.

    Keep writing!

  3. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Wow……………really relatable. Good job!

  4. Nice read.

    kindly read….Secrete of your future is in your daily routine
    Inspired Read; The Super Achievers

  5. Mah-Obi (@GabrielNwogu)

    the things love make us do…

  6. lovely true……………but history continues to repeat itself as the journey of love never ends whether bitter or sweet………..

  7. empresssewande (@empresssewande)

    my heart felt sympathy Aminu….. in time, love will make you will love again!

  8. Wow……………….Dear Aminu, Love is like a rollercoaster. It has its up’s and down’s. Please don’t let this bad experience stop you from loving again.

  9. kay (@kaymillion)


  10. Wow! So listen to Eminem and just watched LOTS, WOW!

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