Raise your voices to the sky

We are that chosen generations no lie

A blessing upon the dying

Forever young and glowing


Raise you faces to the heavens

Stand tall and fear no ravens

For come what may, our mission shall be fulfilled

Waves and undercurrent shake us be,

Afloat our hull continually be


Raise your faces into the wind

Let it know that all shall be well

In our land shall we continually dwell

Peace shall reign is all I shall tell


Raise your arms and smile

Believing that after these tears is a smile

Impossible though it seems but all’s less than a mile

Whirlwind and thunderstorms strike us be,

Off into the air our kites be



A tiny little voice today

A force to reckon with someday

A slave of this generation

Master of a great nation



Blood splashed, atrocities committed

Soul lashed, mistakes corrected

I say this ‘cause I believe in the word Brethren

I know this ‘cause I believe in the word “CHILDREN”






2 thoughts on “KINDER der ZUKUNFT…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. wondering what the meaning of the title is……………..Kinder der zukunft

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