Gauntlet of Feona Published!!!

Hi guys

It’s been a long time and I’m absolutely pleased to let you know that since official publishing, the Gauntlet of Feona has been doing very well with 796 copies sold in the past 90 day timeline.

I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who read, commented and supported me here.  This is a truly exciting time for me and I’d like to share it.  That’s why I’ve created a facebook page dedicated to details about the book, with regular posts and updates for followers.  The link is below or you can find it by just going to the facebook search bar and typing “The Curse of The Seventh Sword” which is the series the Gauntlet of Feona falls under.

Like I said, I am working on the second installment and a new series which I plan to release before the second installment.  Thanks everyone and happy reading!!!


21 thoughts on “Gauntlet of Feona Published!!!” by Kel (@KelWriter)

  1. Congrates, Getting Published Is One Thing But Having Audience Is A Different Ball Game

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      @sarah You are definitely right. Having an audience is an entirely different ball game but it’s fun trying to get the audience. It’s really nice knowing people appreciate your work and you can interact with them on it so I hope I’m up to it.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks so much @sarah and remember to follow my facebook page
      To get more info about the book and the second one in the series!

  2. @KELWRITER, I’m glad your series found its way in print…………… even though it’s true as @sarah says that having audience is a different ball game………… fact, receiving a rejoinder ’cause of your work is the greatest compliment…………….. CONGRATS and the best…………..

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      @innoalifa Hey! First of all let me say thank you so much for reading all my chapters here and commenting on them! I got the email notifications and I’m sorry I hadn’t responded but it’s been hectic preparing for passing out from NYSC. I’m get my certificate on Thursday and I should have more time to focus on this then. :)

    2. Kel (@KelWriter)

      @innoalifa remember to like my facebook page!

  3. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice move. I pray your effort is duly rewarded.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks so much. I pray so too. You can always read the chapters here and or like my facebook page
      I will regularly post updates about the book as well as fun facts for those who have read it.

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    congrats bro—more grace for days ahead

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thank you bro. I really appreciate the good wishes and respond in kind. Do remember to like my page at
      for more updates on GOF as well as the upcoming second book in the series.

  5. Congratulations dear. Well done.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks so much @Tai
      For more information on GOF, please visit and like my facebook page

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks @elovepoetry
      Like my page at
      And since you love poetry, you can look through my posts for some of mine here on naijastories… I believe I have three.
      The Everything and
      I’d love to read yours as well and will do. Thanks once again!

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)


      Thank you so much man.
      Like my page at
      and get more info about the story and upcoming ones

  6. Congrats man…I must say ur story is one story I fancy

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)


      I got a nice kick out of the fact that my handle is Kel and yours is lordkel. Oga… I salute :)

      Thank you so much and I’m glad my story met your standards for a good story. I will definitely try to keep it up and I mean it. Please help support the cause by liking my facebook page for more information about the book and follow ups.

  7. @KelWriter, wishing the very best………….your work was such a nice one! Keep pushing on man…………..

  8. Congrats bro and more grace.

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