On The Non-certification Of Half Of A Yellow Sun In Nigeria

I am disgusted,angry but not surprised by the song and dance being played by the Nigerian Films Censors Board over the movie ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun.’ So the scenes are too sexual? Are they worse than the dozens of pornographic movies okayed by the Board that flood our markets? So they are too political? Because they seem tilted towards Biafra which was the heart of most of the film? Why are we so afraid of Nigeria between 1966 and 1970?

If the so-called offensive parts are deleted, then it is better the entire movie is removed from our screens. Why are we so frightened of facing the truth of our chequered existence in Nigeria? So because of comments like those by Governor Nyako we prevent our children from facing the sad truth of their history. I have read the novel; I am a professional historian and writer and I can boldly declare the following:

Adichie’s book, though well researched, is fiction. Thus it, and the movie, should be seen in such light. It is just like taking Alex Haley’s ROOTS as a Bible of the trans-Atlantic slave trade;

The Boko Haram madness is no reason for the censorship. It is an excuse; the censors are pussyfooting to fanatics and bigots who want a world created in their image. Also, architects of the madness of 1966 and the civil war are alive and in positions of power. They do not want a searing indictment because most youngsters, though no fan of the book, will cash in on the hype to see the movie. They have a sense of kinship with the young author, Adichie.

The physical shooting ended in 1970 but the war continues by other means. I should be proven wrong with the unbanning of this film in Nigeria. But no matter what the clowns and goons do, the film is beyond their grasp. The truth lives. The rest of the world are seeing it. Our children will have access to it. Censorship is the road to superstardom. Remember Dan Brown and his novel ‘The Da Vinci Code?’

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  1. Highly advertised in the cinemas that it will be shown from April 25th. All eyes waited for eagerly only to hear about the ban. The reason was said to be primarily the biafran war scenes but… Anyway, hope to get to watch it anyhow, anywhere…

  2. This incidence has made people want to watch the movie.

  3. I laugh in spanish.

    This nonsense ban will only serve as a stronger PR for the movie. People will want to watch the movie since the censors board has given the perception that the themes are too strong….

    Our censors board should never be taken seriously. They’re just a bunch of politiocally motivate sycophants who will eventually give way once their palms are greased.

    Na bribe go make them lift the ban…greedy oafs!

  4. I was beyond disappointed about the ban of this movie….. Was in Nigeria at the time it was supposed to show in cinemas. I even pushed my flight back so I could watch it.

    The censor board have no understanding of what they’d done. That’s why I’m not too sad about the ban…..nothing is hidden under the sun, thus, they’ve helped create even a bigger space for that history and that of the movie to grow and prove history right.

    ……because it exists and the world has access to it!!

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