Die! (Final Episode)

The last thing Benedicta heard before life went out of her was the sound of an attempt to break loose the door. She had earlier seen a lady tell her to open the door, and at first she was reluctant to do it, but even when she later decided to repent and open up, her strength failed her. The sound of metal hitting the wooden door seemed to drain life out of her more and more, and she couldn’t tell if the attempt was successful because she blacked out. Whether or not she would open her eyes again remained unknown even to her physical self.
While nurses and a handful of people moved Benedicta’s body into a ward, she arose from the bed quietly and smartly, so as not to alter the going force. Within seconds, she could not tell why they were still pushing her when she was already arisen, she looked left and right to inform anybody cautious that she was not on the bed anymore, but before she did so her eyes darted at the bed, and she could still see herself on the bed, her face still shinning with a possible chance of coming alive, at that point no one needed to tell Bene that the shining face would diminish in a matter of time, and her whole body would soon be eaten by maggot and soil.
‘Pity!’ She thought, frustrated at the fact that even if she had been
destined to die young; it wasn’t supposed to be that early. She sniffed hard and tried to cry, but she didn’t seem to be the one controlling herself anymore.
“Benedicta!” Someone shouted from the crowd and all eyes traced the voice towards a young boy of around Bene’s age. Against the thought of the crowd, he was not looking at the body on the stretcher, instead, he was looking towards the hospital reception where they had successfully pushed the stretcher through.
“Don’t worry, she would live.” The Doctor said to him in consolation, unaware that the boy was not speaking about the body on the stretcher which Dr. Festus and his nurses were now pushing alone into the proper emergency ward.
Benedicta looked bewildered; the way the crowd stared from Marcus’ side to her direction made it appear at first as though they could all see her, but the quizzical looks that followed their gazes revealed that they couldn’t. Then a voice from the entrance of the reception collected the attention of the onlookers again.
“Bendicta, hey dear, what’s happening here?” the voice this time was the unmistakable voice of Pastor Joel himself, he was coming in hurriedly with his car key in his hand, somebody must have called him urgently while they were rushing her down and he must have killed the fun with his wife that beautiful Valentine morning.
“Benedicta? Where is she?” Joel’s wife was saying as she trudged along beside him to keep the same pace. The crowd by now were attracted to see the coming couple.
Wanting to prove to the crowd that the girl was really standing there, Joel tried to touch her to show them all, but as she disappeared in that instance, Marcus shouted simultaneously, “Dad don’t, she is a ghost!”
Father and son soon separated from the crowd, both watching out tentatively in all direction, in case the ghost appeared from any side, the crowd were ignited with suspense.
“There!” Son shouted pointing, drawing the suspicious crowd towards the direction. Joel could see the young girl too. She was looking as alive as ever and her beautiful features remained the way it was the night before, anyone who could see this Benedicta would wonder what was there to fear in the young, innocent poor girl.
“Shhhh” Bene tried to calm them both, the scene was getting unnecessarily embarrassing, especially with her name being the center of attraction and bone of contention. She wanted to tell them that she didn’t mean them any harm, and that she was not even conscious of her mission there; although they had both hastened and thwarted her days on earth, yet she had forgiven them; but instead of that, what came out of her mouth was, ” You have snuffed out life out of me, and you expect to live your days? hahahahahah, I can’t think of anything funnier”
“Bendicta please, please. . . please” The crowds around were snapping fingers at the duo, it was already a clear message to them. Traditionally, the people understood that if anyone saw a ghost; especially a young innocent ghost like Benedicta, it was a clear proof that they had hand in her death.
Benedicta was worried, the words she had said weren’t hers in any way, she wanted to correct that, and leave the scene immediately, but what she said again was, “THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY PEACE FOR THE WICKED! You shall both die!!!”
She helplessly watched as the men danced around the hall, seeking protection from the powerless crowd, begging and confessing. Some strange demons appeared with long whips to deal mercilessly with them, they were flogged to coma before they were awaken again by some divine hands.
“You shall DIE! DIE! DIE!” she said finally and watched them fry in pain. If she allowed them to die, it would be of no use to any of them, she only wanted them to learn their lesson and obviously the scene was a marked scar to dare them to do such again. She fought her voice out sharply, “NOOO! You shall not die, but the lesson shall never be forgotten” With that, she walked out of the hospital.
This is twenty first century and if one was told that a fifteen year old girl could so revenge, many would undoubtedly disbelieve; especially for a man like Pastor Joel.
This did happen anyway. Both father and son were terribly maimed and no one in the arena who tried to save them the pain succeeded.
It was still in the heat of this situation that the Doctor came out to inform the crowd that the damsel was long dead.
As for Benedicta, she still had decades of years to live, but since she would not live it in flesh anymore. She just hung around earth to avoid such occurrence from happening to other young girls of her age all over the world.


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  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    awwww well she is watching over girls who might have the same fate as her now.

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @schatzilein, yes. . . but the ‘too bad’ is not ‘extremely bad’ because now, many others won’t fall victim of such.

      @ufuomaotebele, True. And besides, think of the disgrace the Pastor would face, (I tell you he would wish he was killed instead.)

      Thanks for following till here!

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    The conclusion seems rushed.

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      Hnmmm. Maybe.
      Could you please help suggest some issues you felt were missing. I’ll be very grateful.

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  3. Nice enough. But it read like a summary. As if the writer was tired of the story.

  4. simply well-tried! waiting for another series…

  5. Levuz (@Levuz)

    @innoalifa. Thanks, please see The Ness series.

    Thanks for reading

    1. @Levuz, always, always welcome…

  6. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Chaii, its a pity!

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