Bring back our girls now!

I went to a rally in Miami on Saturday, May 17. I won’t describe the rally because there is an article link below. What I want to share are my impressions of the rally. The first thing that struck me happened in the metrorail on my way to get picked up by my friend Temi. I was wearing the Nigerian flag colors and also a sign with #bringbackourgirls written on it. A woman stopped me when I got up as my stop was coming up and asked me what it was about. The first thing that went through my mind was where had she been and how come she didn’t know because it had been on the news, even local ones. I explained to her, mentioning that it was about 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria. The first question that came to her mind was “Are they from the U.S.?” To me the fact that she didn’t know and her question are significant.
The fact that she didn’t know even with the kidnapping being on the news is important because it shows that we really need to talk about this to everyone we encounter and educate people. News is fickle and a lot of people don’t even watch it. It is necessary for the kidnapping to be on people’s minds because we need to keep the pressure on the people who can actually do something to get the girls back home safe. If no one knows and no pressure is applied, it will soon disappear from anyone’s agenda and we can’t let this happen.
The second thing that I find significant is the fact that this woman asked me the citizenship of the girls. Maybe she was just curious but to me, it gave me the impression that a lot of people might not care if this is happening in Nigeria. If these girls were U.S. citizens or from any country in Europe, I believe there would be international uproar. It is important, if you have any non-Nigerian friends on facebook or any social medias, that you keep updating your status and let them know about what is happening. People need to know that this is not a Nigerian issue, this is not an African issue, this is a Human issue!
The rally itself went well and was very uplifting even though there were only about 100 people in attendance. Several political officials showed up and made speeches. It is hard to know how much they actually care about what happened and how much they are playing their political agenda. The rally lasted about two hours and gave me mixed feelings. I was happy to be doing something even though I’m not sure if this will help in any way. It was also nice to make connections with people. However the speeches, especially the one from a student who was born in Nigeria and mentioned that it could have been her, made me feel sad and powerless. As of today, it is Day 35 and the girls are still not back, safe, with their family. They are still in the forest, guarded at gunpoint by thugs. Who knows what they are eating, where they are sleeping and the scars that will be left in their minds. I ache also for their parents and each day is more difficult to face the facts.
Please do not let them be forgotten!

Miami #bringbackourgirls rally on May 17, 2014
Miami #bringbackourgirls rally on May 17, 2014

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  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    And Boko Haram is committing more atrocities by the day!

  2. @JEFSARAURMAX, a bunch of thanks for sharing this and people indeed need to know that this is not a Nigerian issue, this is not an African issue, this is a Human issue!…………….GReat!

  3. @nalongo,@innoalifa, thanks for reading.I read about what’s happening every day and it hurts to know that some people are willing to commit those atrocities on others. I am really worried about the girls.I don’t understand the stalling.I don’t want to blame anyone, I just wish someone would do something.The more days are passing, the less chances are that they will be coming home.As a parent, it is probably the worse thing to think about.I feel so powerless.I only have my words and I am not even close to be eloquent enough.I don’t know what to do.I feel like crying every day that passes and they are still not back.The only thing I am sure about is that I will not rest until something is done.

    1. @JEFSARAURMAX, that’s a good spirit you have………..I remembered my teacher in ethics talking about the care approach which is feminine……….we all need to care about what really matter like our children, our girls……………

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