Apocalypse Boko Haram

Last night,
when laid i my head to rest,
dreamt i a dream
I wept,though i was a deep in sleep,
I saw a baobab tree with three branches,
on it lays the colony of three birds of the air,
of the third branches took i much concerned,
on it the vultures of the air descend and made their nest!

I saw i half a moon
horrified with blood,
the blood drips and drools
on the third branch which
the vultures of the air
stood and droop.

The vultures cry woes,
wails and mourns no man could console,
Then saw i a fleet of bats and owls,
the bats and owls,
possess they sharp beaks
like the pecker of woods,
beaks they possess
possess they from the
the feed of remnant spoils
past club of the ousted lion
gave to frighten the teaming flock of sheep
to compel and to cower them;
that they may
agree without restrain
to the tyrannic reign of the club of ousted lion!

The vultures doth cry woes still,
but the bats and owls
they screech and scorn
they lurk in the dark
they laid ambush,
they bit the sheep with their beaks;
This is the beginning of the woes
Now knoweth i the reason,
the moon gets filled with blood and drools and drips.

The vultures doth rest for a season
and the bats and owls
scorns no more for a time
till a lion with a broken jaw be dead
and installed they the club of the ousted lion
another lion
with a feeble knee
of the southernmost branch
to reign a king.

Then saw i again,
the third branch writhing in pains
when the lion with a feeble knee
doth mount the throne,
His reign shall shake the tree, its branches
and the ranch in the orchard.

I saw arose a bat;
an interbreed of the owls,
it thrive and strive
for a time and season,
to hurt the sheep that graze on the accursed branch
that their blood may drip and drool on the ranch
and the half moon be filled with blood and itself drip and drool.
Then killed they the gallant bat,
and cried louder woes the vultures the more,
see, now, more bats and owls screech and scorn.
Then arose a comrade from the owls
an interbreed of the bats
neighboring ranch and orchard of foxes and wolves.

It goeth to and fro,
secretly lurking in the dawn,
to hit with its beak and run in twilight,
a mass slaughtering of sheep,
as innocent as can be!

Again, when the vultures’ voice would
be raised to the highest of decibels,
they shall wail and cry their final woes,
then the gallant bat and its rebels
shall lay hold of the virgins of Rachel,
Alas, the highest of impunity would be rot
when the virgins shall be sold thirty silver a piece,
then the whole world shall hear and fear,
for the lamentation of Rachel,
for her daughters’ ransome,
and the whole world shall go
in hunt of the bat and its accomplice,
they shall be nabbed unawares,
their end shall come unannounced,
then shall there be peace,
yet the vultures will cry their woes once more,
for the bats and it rebels,
and the half moon shall drips blood once more
and thence no more.

Then shall the cursed tree be made whole,
when the feeble lion is banished,
and another era begins!

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  1. empresssewande (@empresssewande)

    nice but bloody!

    1. by bloody, you mean?

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