When The Hyena Stops Laughing

Prophet, pray tell, what do you see?
I see an end to evil and its ills,
I see a day when all men can be free,
I see a day when we’ll all live and let live,
I see for our nation leaders who won’t wait for us to ask before they give.

Prophet, pray tell, when will these be?
It will be the day when life no longer amuse the hyenas so that they stop laughing,
It will be the day when the frog’s voice becomes so clear that it stops croaking,
It will be the day when the snake is no longer irritated so that it stops hissing,
It will be the day when the sea and the seashore fight so hard that they stop kissing.

Prophet, pray tell, what can we do?
You must not bow out or give up the fight,
You must not pander to evil’s threat and its fright,
For darkness you see, must not prevail against light,
No matter how dark it may seem now, an end will come to the night.

James Ogunjimi

6 thoughts on “When The Hyena Stops Laughing” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. I like the rhymes in the last four lines of the poem… well-tried!

  2. When would cognitive dissonances like the assonance of bribery et al upon our nation be burnt? Tell, Prophet too, what would it profit us to remain in this pit? But he said we ought not rest on the oars. Aluta continua till we triumph over evil.

    1. @Hullerj, truly, we ought not rest on the oars as @ostar observes… …you could check out my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/04/i-am-an-african/ and make your comments…

  3. nice poem, when will Nigeria become a better place?

  4. beautiful lines…

  5. Godson (@Godson)

    Good concept! I believe there’s more you can do to make the hyena to stop laughing. Well done

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