What is in a name?

Tell me, what is in a name?

Definitely not for fame

Or is it good with the dames?


Hello, what’s your name?

Is it all about identity?

Like just another entity?


My name is this and that

Does it tell you my destiny?

Does it prove my integrity?


Is my name better than yours?

Is it a symbol of class?

Or does it separates the castes?


Why then do we have names?

For the days of shame?

Like the elders proclaim?


Tell me your name

Does it reflect who you are?

Or modelled after a star?


Tell me, what is your name?

What does it mean to you?

I bear your name too.







15 thoughts on “What is in a name?” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. Daniel Nwachukwu (@Godson)

    I love the way you ended the poem, it sounds like what’s the fuss, I bear your name too. Good poem endowed wiţh questions to answer. It is also simple to recite.

    1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

      amazing piece mahn.wats even in a name…e make brain wells

    2. @Godson thanks for dropping by

  2. Chris Bamidele (@degreatest2)

    Some religious people will disagree with you, but i believe a name is just a name. nice and simple poetry

    1. @degreatest2 yes, some will but then our destiny is not tied to our names…

      thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Fadehan (@Fadehan)

    Thumbs up topazo. Simple!

  4. @oxymoron93

    thanks so much for reading and commenting.

    1. always welcome @topazo

  5. Nice work…question! question! and question…what is actually in a name? Though our destiny is not tied to a name@topazo and a name can just be a name@degreatest2, yet in traditional setting -in which most of us hailed from- name, and its meaning, creates aura of destiny, or it serves as a glass through which future of individual is perceived. But responsibility of what future holds still lie with individual, not in the name itself. thumb up.

    1. @olayide
      Thanks man…true words..

  6. @topazo just passing through, finding this still interesting…………..

  7. I like the concept of this poem. I think names shouldn’t necessarily define us because we have no hand in their being bestowed upon us at birth.

    But then, as we are gifted parents and tutors to guide us through the journey of life, so our names can serve to become motivators whenever we are called by them, most especially if we understand the meaning of such a name.

    I think this poem has a lot of potential. By that, I mean it can be better. Syntax is jerky in some places and I think that works against the poem.


    [Tell me, what is in a name?
    Definitely not for fame
    Or is it good with the dames?]

    Compare with this:

    Tell me, what is in a name?
    Definitely not fame
    Perhaps a lure for the dames?

    Spot the error:

    [Or does it separates the castes?]

    Well done, Topazo. Keep improving your art.

    1. Wow @chemokopi!
      That’s why I always look forward to your comments.
      Yes I did spot the error…
      Thanks for commenting..

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