What He Said…(Part 3)

what he said

“Guy, you’re making this thing too much of a big deal. Lola adores you; I’m sure she’ll come around.”

Bola sighed, for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that afternoon. He had asked his four closest friends to meet with him to discuss some final details of the party arrangements—and also to calm his frayed nerves. They were all seated in the living room of the eldest amongst them, Eseosa, who’d offered his home as the meeting place because he thought Bola needed a change of environment.

“And you know that how, Kole?”

Eseosa looked up from the event programme he was studying and chuckled. “How does he know what Bola? That she adores you or that she’ll come around?”

“Help me ask am oh. Abi you don begin dey doubt your smally, ehn my guy?” Nedu laughed heartily before refocusing his attention back on the football game he was playing with himself.

Bola frowned, none too pleased at being laughed at. “Come, you I don’t even know your usefulness in this meeting oh! Since we came na so so play play, mumu mumu you don dey do since. You think say this thing na joke?”

Kole knocked on the dining table, were he was seated with Eseosa and Bola, to get the latter’s attention. “Guy, calm down. You know he’s just trying to keep the mood light. Relax, I’ve told you Lola will come around.”

“Kole, no offence, but you’ve been saying that since last week. I’ve started losing faith in your gift of prophecy. I don’t even see where your confidence in this her loyalty is coming from, unless you and Lola have gisted between then and now and it’s me who’s playing the mugu here.”

Kole laughed. “Naaah, dude it’s nothing like that. I just really know Lola that’s all.”

Eseosa glanced sharply at Kole but only when Bola said nothing for a full minute, eyeing him suspiciously, did the implication of his last statement sink in.

“I’m sorry, what?!”

Just then the last member of the group, Tobe, walked in from the call he’d been taking. “Alright oh, the fellow I’m borrowing the drum set from said he can help me get it to your place the day before the gig. Shey wahala no dey?” He was looking at Bola who hardly spared him a glance.

“Yeah, that’s perfect Tobe. Thanks men.” He wouldn’t take his gaze off Kole.

Tobe, oblivious to all the tension at the table pointed to Eseosa. “You, your madam don come. Shey we go chop before we comot here?”

Nedu’s ear picked up ‘chop’ and he paused his game, turning to look in their direction. “Chow dey?!”

Eseosa laughed at them as he got up from his seat. “See these hounds. I told you my wife married me to feed you abi? Huger will deal with you both today.”

Nedu’s expression became somber. “Haba na, bros Esos. No do your boys like this.” He jumped up from where he was seated in front of the television screen. “In fact, make I go help that my sister Oge carry the load wey she from market bring come.” He arranged his clothes and gestured to his fellow hungry man. “Tobe, don’t dull, let’s move.”

With that, they both fled the living room with Eseosa, barely able to contain his amusement, trailing behind them. “You guys are unwell.”

After they left, the silence in the room became heavier by tons.

Kole felt like slicing his mouth off.

“Kole, I don’t want it to seem like I’m the one reading meanings into things here but please, what exactly is that statement supposed to mean?”

“Look Bola, it’s no big deal really. That came out wrong, I just meant that from what I’ve observed and what I know of her, she wouldn’t play you like that.”

“How do you know what you know of her?”

Kole laughed then. “See question. Isn’t it you who used to sing her praises 24/7 when we were in Uni?”

“Yeah but you never joined in my chorus then.”

“I didn’t know her then.”

“So when did you get to know her so well Kole?”

Eseosa and his wife entered the living room at that moment, both laughing at Nedu’s antics while Tobe stayed outside to receive another call.

Kole could hear all the activity from where they were seated at the dining table. He also knew Bola would never make a scene in Oge’s presence so he felt it was relatively safer to tell him now and then tackle his fury when they were all alone later and the other guys could defend him.

“Uhm, when we dated.”

With that he slowly got up and went to greet Oge out in front, leaving Bola staring at him, speechless.

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    1. I hope i can slate it oh @Nalongo. lol
      Should’ve posted part 4 by now sef. Mtcheew. Promise to send it in before the week’s through sha.
      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @kwiksie, your deviously creative mind doing excellent stuff here; still stuck to this and hope it holds my interest. Well done, you.

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, thanks so much. Encouraging to know you’re still with this oh.

  3. @TolaO, @Omoniyi-Adeshola, @sarah, @Tai, @bunmiril, @kaymillion, @Nalongo, and @innoalifa; please don’t abandon Bola them yet oh! lol
    Posts seem to be taking awhile to be published. Sha, it all ends at Part 6 (4&5 are out) and i’d love feedback from you (well, since you started giving me feedback already). #wink

  4. Hi @kwiksie,

    I just caught up with parts 2 and 3. Again, very well written; I like the way you weave colloquial Nigerian English with the standard form. And again, not satisfied with keeping us wondering what went on with Bola and Lola, you’ve now added the mystery of what went on with Lola and Kole. Good suspenseful note on which to end this installment.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks much @TolaO. So glad you enjoy.

  5. I like the way you ended this Kwiksie. ‘Speechless. Not surprised he is.
    Terrible discovery.
    Your ‘where’ is missing letter ‘h’ in paragraph 6 or 7.
    Good instalment.
    Interesting style you have. No unnecessary rambling. Terse and dramatic.
    Well done.

  6. @olajumoke. The correction’s noted and appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment and for your observations as well.

  7. @kwiksie, Bola has become part and parcel of my life… I will chase her in between the beautiful lines of your promising story… it’s been nice…

    1. What’s even nicer is having you read about Bola so keenly. Thanks so much @innoalifa.

      1. @kwiksie, that’s just the point… Bola deserves an ardent follower you know…

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