Travails Of Eve’s Daughters 3


“When will I see you again?”  Dr Smith asked as Ngozi Akanbi dressed up and prepared to leave.

“I can’t say specifically now, but I will be in touch.” She reached for her bag flung in the far corner of the room, in the heat of passion.

“Must you leave so soon? You have barely spent two hours with me.” He said and drew her into his arms once again.

She snuggled out of his embrace and made for the door.

“I have to pick the kids at school in thirty minutes, I will see you soon.” With that she was gone.

As she got out of the elevator and made for the exit door, she could feel eyes on her for whatever reason and guilt feelings washed over her. She felt like her sin was stamped on her for the world to see.  Fate had blessed her with the best every woman prays for in a lifetime. A great husband who happens to love her dearly, financially successful, a beautiful home and two lovely children. But she had to come so low as to have extramarital affairs with a younger man; the family physician.

The problem is that Niyi is never home, he is so buried in his work. She tried to justify herself. But what about your flourishing bakery company which supplies baked foods to every nook and corner of Lagos, isn’t that enough to keep me busy. Her conscience accused her.

She remembered how it all started. That was after her second child was born. The baby had infections which made her critically ill and had to be placed on intensive care at the children’s ward at the Trinity Specialist hospital. That was three years ago.

Dr Smith was the specialist on hand and he was so caring and professional as the child returned to health. Ever since, he was always on hand to listen to her complaints on every issue. Over time he became her confidant. The affair was not planned, they just gravitated towards it. It happened when her husband went on a month business trip to the United States. She wept afterwards, but the deed had already been done.

She resisted continuing with the affair, stopped taking his calls, refused to see him, and even changed hospitals, but her husband’s absence did not help matters. He was not around when she needed his love and attention. But that is not a good reason to become adulterous, there are many women whose husbands are also away, but they didn’t pick lovers. The voice of her conscience persisted.

Over time, her conscience became seared and she gave in to her need and desires. It had been two years since her relationship with the doctor and it appears to be getting more serious. A complication she did not bargain for came up and it frightened her out of her wits.

“I love you baby.” He gushed out like a love worn cat starving for attention.

“Love? she laughed, or you mean lust?”

“I love you Ngozi.” He held her hands and stared into her eyes, love-struck.

Irritated, she hastily drew her hands out of his grasp and looked at him closely, not believing what she just heard.

“You love me? That must be a joke. You seem to have forgotten that I am a married woman and I happen to love my husband.”

Dr Smith broke out in laughter. Ngozi couldn’t help but notice the mocking ring of his laughter and she recoiled in shame. I brought it upon myself, wish I could reverse the hand of time and undo all the wrongs I have done to my husband. She thought, remorseful as her eyes began to water.

“Married? Love your husband?” He laughed again “Don’t you dare tell me that. If you loved your husband, then you will not hop into bed with me whenever the need catches you.” She trembled from the jibe he threw and he laughed all the more.

“Well, I see this relationship as purely sexual, nothing emotional, just answering nature’s call, nothing more.” Ngozi replied, giving him a brazen look.

He glared at her, “So you have being using me all along.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, nobody is using anyone, we have simply been having fun, isn’t it?” A coy smile crept across her lips.

“Nothing is that simple, madam.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“I am not exactly sure, but all I know is that I do really love you, I think about you all day and night.” He replied, as his eyes became dreamy and passionate.

“What of your attractive doctor girlfriend? What happened to the two of you?”

“You happened to the two of us and we fell apart.”

She sat up straight and faced him, her chest heaving in obvious agitation.

“Listen to what I have to say to you. I meant it when I said that I love my husband, he is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is unfortunate that my physical needs got the better of me and I have to get myself into this mess, but I can assure you whatever happened between us has been nothing beyond physical. I advice strongly that you stop all these romantic crap about me, otherwise you will only get burnt.”

His face took on an animalistic grin. “Are you threatening me?”

“Consider it as a threat as I wouldn’t want my marriage broken on the altar of passion.”

“So the pleasure we shared in the past two years has been nothing to you but mess?” He  shook his head in pain, obviously hurt by her words. “Your husband is the most unfortunate man to have you as a wife, but don’t you ever think that you will get away with this. I promise to get my pound of flesh.”

“Forgive me for being a little harsh, but you should know that we have nothing to offer each other beyond this,” the look in his eyes made her shiver with a foreboding feeling. God I hope he is not going to do something stupid. “Get yourself a wife, you need one.” She  walked out angrily, upset about the new turn of events.

Ever since that encounter with Smith, she has been reluctant to see him again. What if he begins to threaten and blackmail me? I hope not. Niyi must never find out about my escapades. I would never be able to face him, in fact I rather chose to die than face him. Her thoughts became confused and agitated, as she paced  the large expanse of the bedroom.

She imagined her husband divorcing her on account of her unfaithfulness and the thought nearly drove her out of her mind. She knows him enough to realize that if he should get to know, not only would he divorce her, but he would also prevent her from ever seeing the children again.

For the first time since the illicit affair started, she realized the precarious situation her passion had led her into.

“Oh God, please forgive me for my stupidity of the past two years, I promise to stop this madness, please hide my shame.” she pleaded within and hope her past will not come to hunt her.

But one thing is definite; I must stop seeing the doctor. He is becoming uncontrollable and demanding. I cannot allow him to destroy what I has built all these years all in the name of passion.


11 thoughts on “Travails Of Eve’s Daughters 3” by elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Do not start what you can not sustain/finish!

    1. @trulifebooks & @Nalongo, what could have moved him to saying that he loves a married woman… nice story…

  2. Na wetin dey sweet goat they kill goat…you could simply have gotten a vibrator than cheating on ur husband…no excuse at alll…..hate cheating azz married respect for ur vows at all

  3. elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

    @Nalongo. She fell into temptation. Not trying to justify her action though.

  4. elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

    @schatzilein. Lool. Such vehemence against Ngozi.

    1. She deserve more..i dont excuse cheating at all…INFEDILITY IS A SIN AGAINST GOD AND MAN

  5. No Reason For Her To Cheat Since Her Husband Is Always There. Man Got To Work To Keep Food On The Table Afteral Being With Her Always Will Not Put Food On The Table As She Will First Be The One To Grumble So Let Her Get Burnt For Her Own Delibrate Crime

  6. elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

    @innoalifa. Some humans can be warped in their need and desires. I don’t he really loved her, he took a wicked pleasure in sleeping wtn another man’s wife.

    1. @trulifebooks, that’s true Lizzy… keep on with the story and let’s see how it unfolds… well done!

  7. elizabeth (@trulifebooks)

    @sarah. She is guilty , but please, temper justice with mercy. Biko.

  8. The story is moving along nicely, watch your tense mix ups though, good job!

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