Transatlantic Paucity

Transatlantic Paucity

Here I am on this beach
On this sandy bed
In this cold
Night and day
In many rains and intense sun
My quilt is this tarpaulin…
Many government and seasons have passed
But things remain the same.
Tonight, this Ant thought my eyes a juicy pie
It traversed distance land like the White man
To my tent, seeking food as I slept with an empty belly
On my stony pillow.
In a twinkle, I cried as this sleepless creature disrupts my flow
But just next door is a man
With a king-sized bed in a duplex
On the same ground you and I tread.
Like the Ant, it seeks to blind our eyes
By buying our votes with money.
They took our cycles
Now like the Ant
They besiege our lonely grounds
Brandishing bulldozers in their ranks
To build empires where they will yet perpetrate their powers…

4 thoughts on “Transatlantic Paucity” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Each of the twenty-three line of the poem got my attention… Nice!

    1. Thanks for relating with every thoughts in the poem—God bless

  2. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    This was good.

    1. Thanks for reading

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