To My Unborn Child

I have always wanted to have a child
A cutely girl or a cheerful cuddly boy
I have seen them in other people’s cradle
And how they are source of immense joy
I have always wished for that very you
That scion that would be of my nature
When I laugh you sef go follow me laugh
And determine my daily temperature
I have always longed for that day
When you’ll come in tears and scars
How I would lift you high up to the heavens
And proudly proclaim you among my stars


I know in that heavenly place you await
You see me thrive and truly wish for me too
I am sure if we eventually make it
Nothing earthly shall stand between me-you

But you must know how concerned I am
That you might come sooner and be sad
If life persists in this path of Orwell’s animal farm
You’d better remain in heaven and be glad

Need I say things have gone awry
Living is now both roguish and hellish
Humans live like prey and predator
The lesser mortals are obliged to perish

Love itself isn’t any fairer
Far flung from what it ought to be
True love of the heart is now extinct
And soon the spellings of the word maybe

Make I nor lie you, I nor fit shout
The more I seek you the more I’m restrained
I am now even more weary of the female vessel
Lest you happen upon me unexplained

Many have been thrust on my path
Women have come women have gone
I just don’t want your mother would-be
Among those who’d only come for fun

But I know some day you shall surely arise
And begin your journey home to daddy
In poetry, I’ll write in proclamation
As T.S Eliot wrote In Journey of the Magi

My hands are tied, but not for too long
As I await the destined hour of glory
The day you are born I have no doubt
Will be the best in my checkered story

4 thoughts on “To My Unborn Child” by Kingsley A (@KingsleyA)

  1. Beautifully written……………

      1. @KingsleyA, welcome fellow………………………keep on……………….

  2. ♥️ I enjoyed reading this again after so many years

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