The Virgin Of The Night 1

The Virgin Of The Night 1

If fear was for sale, I would be rich and if dread were to be counted in grams, overflow would be recorded as I squirmed in a bid to be a little comfortable. My mind was in the middle of an overhaul and the toll of trying to make sense of anything was starting to make me feel giddy again. I wanted to be a little comfortable, the pain on my legs had subsided but my head hurt like crazy. Unfortunately, since it all started, comfort didn’t seem to be any close to what I felt at the moment. My head was felt like a thousand soldiers on parade in there and my stomach was in knots but I laid still and tried to rely on one of the two senses I had left, my hearing. It was as if my brain understood that I had to have some kind of superpower because all of a sudden, I could hear them vividly.

There were whispers at first but it turned to a comprehensible chat in the doorway, and I heard each word of it. There were arguing about who should do it first. Even though it was molest, none of them wanted to come after the remnant of the other. I saw my chance. I could speak to the doubting and arguing consciences of my two abductors. I tried to squint so it wouldn’t come across as me being disobedient by looking at them. Moreover, I was scared to my bones, I didn’t want any bodily harm, but I had to maintain my smartness and not blow my cover with fright.

“Come on guys, it doesn’t matter who comes first. Please, just do it and let me go,” I said as I tried not to look at their faces. One of them snickered and called me a whore; the other one laughed his normal rugged laugh that I had come to know since the day I had been kidnapped. His name was Lancious, a nickname I guess. Lancious spoke, he said I should shut my mouth or I would regret it. Mister Meanie on the other hand told me to say one more word and lose my big toe. Ouch! No need being vicious, mister, my mind retorted. We get that you are the big bad wolf. I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn’t want to push it, if it resulted to a mortal combat; Lancious would be beaten black and blue by Meanie and I was sure meanie wouldn’t hesitate to slice my throat. Even if Lancious was tough, his toughness was a child to Meanie’s, who had the look of an iron pumper that hadn’t been to the gym to get his huge biceps. Or so I thought.

“Come o, Sy, I found her. I get to do it first,” Lancious said as he seemed to pace.

“No way. It’s my house, I am the only one that gets to go first,” Sy replied. Lancious gave a lloud sigh and then all I heard was some ruffled noises and then my ears caught shuffling. Something happened and then I heard the door close. I wasn’t sure if they had moved out or if they had moved in. My eyes remained closed. I shifted and tried to listen. I listened and listened hard for just one hint, something that would tell me if I was alone or not. Soon I heard soft breathing, thank God, I had not risked it. I wasn’t sure whose breath it was but it was the breath of anticipated excitement. Who was coming first, I asked myself. Was it Sy? Or was it Lancious? I heard buckles being undone. I felt sick in the depth of my tummy but I had made it up to this day and I knew even after this, I could get out of this mess. Someone would be doing something. Someone somewhere ought to have noticed that I wasn’t in the corper’s lodge. I prayed, I wished, I hoped that my room mate would notice that I had left the lodge for two days now.

“What is your name?” It was Lancious. I sighed in relief. I wasn’t sure what to expect, he was about To molest me but I had volunteered my Womanliness instead of the threatened death. Was it still molest?

“I asked what your name is.” Was that anger? Was it curiosity? Something was in that voice that I couldn’t place. I told him my name was Adanna. My name wasn’t Adanna, it was Ogechi but I didn’t care.

“I see. Get up and remove your pant and your bra, keep your eyes closed,” Lancious ordered. I got up and did as instructed, I winced as the pain of the chain on my left leg cut into the bruise it had caused but I swallowed hard. I gently removed my panties and left it to drop on the left ankle. I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. I stood and waited. Something in me urged me to ask if I could open my eyes. But the unknown was a solace for me right then. In spite of it all, I wanted to remain oblivious of who it was that was about to take me against my will. I sighed deeply and held back the tears. I had lost out of love because of my belief in something that didn’t seem to matter anymore. I had fought, cursed and mused over this for several times in the past and here was I; to be disvirgined by an unknown kidnapper; and unknown to him as well.

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  1. A nice read, just few slips -you forgot to erase some words while editing. E.g
    “My head was felt like a thousand soldiers on parade in there …”

    1. Noted. Thanks, namdi,

  2. Waiting for part 2.

    1. Working on it. Thanks.

  3. Wow! such a cruelty

  4. a heartbreaking but beautiful rendition…

  5. kay (@kaymillion)

    heart breaking…..soul capturing………breath taking..
    …… nice one …….kudos 2 u

  6. My goodness!

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