The Promise


A thousand years from now
I’ll still be hanging on this tree
Bleeding out my love
Dead that you might be free
I’ll be patient
Waiting for you to come to me
To hold you in my arms
And rewrite your history

When the sun has gone down
I’ll be standing with a light
To blind the shrouding darkness
And guide you through the night
A thousand years from now
Precious you’ll be in my sight
Leading you safely
Through the path that’s right

And though the seasons pass
I’d still think of you every day
Sending down my blessings
With each shining ray
I’d listen attentively
To every word you say
And answer swiftly
When you kneel to pray

A thousand years from now
These echoes will resound again
So you’ll always remember
From January to December
That my love for you will never wane
© 2009 Oaikhena Amaize

3 thoughts on “The Promise” by Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize (@magicmase)

  1. … and a thousand years from now, I would love to be reading your poem again for it was simply beautiful… Jesus would be glad you wrote it for him…

  2. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    He would always be there… Always

    1. YAH!!! He would always be there for you @magicmase as @Jessy_deremi emphasizes…

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