The awakening

I’m awake again and so are the voices,
As they rear their sleepy heads, the monster rejoices,
I sigh, I know they won’t be leaving today,
I don’t know why they always want to stay,

This dangerous dance, we always start,
By now, I know the steps by heart,
Attack, retreat, attack, retreat,
Defeating the monster would be a feat,

Fighting with yourself is never a breeze,
The monster laughs maniacally, what a tease,
It craves the release of the madness within,
Still I fight hard not to let it in,

But piece by piece my defense crumbles,
The weakened wall strains then tumbles,
The voices don’t recede, don’t wait for tomorrow,
They’re up today, to drown me in sorrow,

In my head, I can’t stop, I keep screaming,
Only then does the monster in me start beaming,
The darkness clouds my head, I start to blink,
I try to pull myself together, but I can’t think,

I look in the mirror, out of breath,
What I see, scares me to death,
The monster beckons to me, indicating haste,
It asks me, ‘Another day, must we waste?’

The monster in me growls with hunger,
Warning me it won’t be quiet for much longer,                                      Letting me know,  it has gotten stronger.

9 thoughts on “The awakening” by Fejiro (@feiO)

  1. The monster in me loves this. Good work Fejiro

  2. Interestingly beautiful. The rhymes made the poem to flow interestingly…

    1. @innoalifa thanks, my personal definition of poetry is rhyming :)

      1. @feiO, that’s good if it helps you come up with beautiful creations like the one above but… but I think poetry goes beyond just rhyming to the representation of reality. Nice! :)

        1. @innoalifa to be sure I know that :P thanks once again

          1. @feiO, go on then without limits… :) :) :)

  3. six (@six)

    @feiO, I enjoyed this…good job.

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