The Apocalypse

Oh fellers, fell no more woods,

Fell no woods anymore for sarcophagus

Here is come with us massive massacre

Of the masses from the intellect

That instinct is only element left


Fell no trees in vain

Say to bury the dead

As in quantum we now die

So do we be quaffed off

Like wastes in the bin


You see why you fell no trees

Spare your palms the burnings

And heart of the heaves

For the big-mandible monster

Shall carve a enough cave

For our sarcophagus


Then be glad ye cave dwellers

For your grief is past by death

Would of death still be stricken?

Nor by its pangs be frozen?

If not we who mourn in terror

Of your demise in cruelty


Oh behold the scenic grandeur

Of the graveyards of the slain

Flowered hither and yon in silence

In silence of brutality and inhumanity

In silence of many unfulfilled dreams

In silence of a world left behind

In silence; in silence of vanity…


Wait; we shall all soon be there

See, all of us, and you that terrorize

Well woes if you alone be left o’er

For there shall be nothing to terrorize

But you in terror of loneliness!

In terror, in terror of loneliness


Peace here is elixir, and mirage is hope

For the chain bomb is ignited

The catastrophic concatenation of evil

And it shall burn and burn and burn

Till all geography is burnt blunt

And our generation is begone

Yes we shall all soon be spent


From teens that had had their first sex

To the grayed who had lost their libido

For we all had eaten of and seen

The violent fruit of naked violence

Forbidden ere time began


Fell no trees Oh feller, and border not

To lay waste in wasting yourself synergy

To construct coffins for our generations

Of dooms and Armageddon


Then shall peace be born of strife

If and only if mothers in prospect

From the yet to be born and the virgins

Instruct the new vegetation of humanity

Therein from the cradles rocked and on

To behold oneself in other selves

In seeing one’s face in other faces


From this breeds, then shall be bred

A religion of new humanity whereof,

Oh just whereof in the name of humans

And to its glory no blood is spilled

In the name of God nor name of state


Oh feller, would you not but concede

That if women had been on their posts

Oh if the eves had done their jobs

In speaking virtues to tenders ears

And love right in the cradles, that

There might be mere grief but in brief

Such as in toils that ends in spoils


The apocalypse end’s nigh if only Eves

Should set on eaves of their womanhood

In casting future Adams from the crib

To take on forms of responsibility

The apocalypse is nigh indeed should

These daughters of Eve eat the seed

They don’t have to dread to eat!


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  1. …simply good…

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