Tale of 6 beings.

My name is PAM, and I’m a murderer.


“Oh yes, yes Caro..!! I love being here!! Punish me for coming late”. These were the words from MD’s lips while he was with his mistress. She pleasured him with dominating and fetish sessions. Whips, cuffs, balls, uniforms, name it. MD was a masochist. Pain brought pleasure to him, especially sexually. He was the opposite of Christian Grey. While Christian loved to inflict pain for pleasure, MD gets pain for pleasure. And his mistress knows how well to do that, and gets paid handsomely.

************************************************************************* She’s a random youth corper, who was raped at a tender age. So Caro’s idea of enjoying copulation was seeing her partner in pain. That helps relieve the bad thoughts she gets when she re-lives the first time she met a man’s nakedness; the agony, pain and shame brought by her sister’s husband while she was in high school. After some time, Caro adapts and finds a stable man, who she can exhibit her Sadist ways, and get paid. They both get ecstatic with cocaine, which she knows how to get regularly. This day, she takes some alone, and needs Andrew liver salt to relive her, thus she rushes to Madam’s super mart.

********************************************************************** She jumps anytime she hears the honk of his car. No matter the bone in her mouth, or the football she’s playing with. Eiffel is a white fluffy Lhasa. She’s barely ever chained down, except when the house is being fumigated. Her feeding bowl even has her name on it. So in one word, Eiffel is a pompous dog.

********************************************************************* Madam was a submissive. Even days after her wedding to MD, they didn’t make love. She was too timid, totally inexperienced in sexual matters. She laid plainly as MD took her virginity. Till date, she bores him sexually. He’s lost every iota of interest in her. She runs her supermarket and MD’s gas station. She did nothing after her polytechnic days, not even youth service. That explains why she adores the corper who comes often to restock. She gives her everything free, and also ensures she gets fuel for her small Volkswagen Golf when there is scarcity or a very long Que. She’s philanthropic in her own way.


He was employed to keep the staff of the super mart and gas station in order. He sometimes escorts the truck that brings diesel and supplies. He only knows his boss as Madam. Godspower never fancied marriage but he hopes to have many concubines and a child. Madam sends him to drop Caro home as she did not look too good.


On that fine day, Godspower dropped her home, helped her inside, only to discover cocaine smeared on the table. Caro broke a major rule of the drug world: never get high on your supply. As a law enforcement agent, she has to pay for this. Either in cash or in kind, or face the law. How else, if not, by sex. Too stoned, the reputed dominant laid back lazily while Godspower took carnal knowledge of her.


“I’m serious, it’s your baby. I’ve said this repeatedly in the last 6 months” She said to MD, with a heavy, protruding tummy. She needed someone rich and comfortable to take care of her unborn baby, as Godspower would not give the child the life she desires. Caro kept paying and paying for the mistake she made, and it resulted to a developing fetus. Godspower won’t let go, thus someone like MD can silence him. MD calls the unknown sergeant to leave his mistress alone, while he goes home to break the news to Madam. Madam is infuriated, especially when she knows the identity of this mistress. The same Caro she has been nice to all the while. She starts shouting and sends MD out of the house. MD gets in the Cadillac Escalade SUV. Pompous Eiffel is playing as usual, as the tires of the SUV killed it. MD doesn’t even notice, as he dashes out. Caro, ever willing to satisfy her only benefactor, decides to give him a treat, as he seems so pressured up. She ties him, hands and legs, standing, and stuffs her panties in him mouth. The sensation is too much, and his jerking motion for her to stop felt like orgasm, barely did she know he was passing out. Her hands did the wonders on him. They had both gone beyond limits. Meanwhile, Godspower, after the threat, loads his government empowered gun, and goes to meet Caro. Meets her with the lifeless body of MD. She begs to pay in kind, as usual, but forever this time around. But Godspower decides to be a loyal officer of the law and arrest her. A fight it becomes, and a shot springs out. Godspower has been accidentally shot, in the neck region, below the ears, containing a major artery, a ‘no choice but death’ situation. The police, after several futile calls to Madam, decide to go to her house. A lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. The whole drama makes Caro fall into a coma, in which the doctors decided to take out the baby to salvage the situation. A cut into her tummy, little Pam is brought out, however her mum died in the coma.


So if I say I’m a murderer, would you accept? My existence brought about 5 deaths. My name is Pam, and this is my story.

13 thoughts on “Tale of 6 beings.” by Sola Kola-Amodu (@thatafricankid)

  1. Very nice and well written.

  2. @thatafricankid, Fine story Pam as @amy78 discovered too…

  3. Bloody hell…this is some crazy azz strory

    1. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

      Hahahaha vivid words used.

  4. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

    Wow a d/s life in a vanilla life, love it!!!!

  5. Deolu A. (@deoluadeleye)

    Wow! Cool imagination. LOVED the plot twist sir! Poor Pam…

    1. Awwwww. ThAnks alot for the comments

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    hope she was actually speaking to a shrink,because I tell you she needs one .

  7. It looks very interesting but I think that it couldn’t been presented in a more clear way, I found myself confused more that once about who was what in the story. Good plot though.

    1. thanks a lot. the initial plot was to have a confusing story that makes sense in the end.

  8. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    It felt rushed.

  9. This is some sordid dark tale.

    It reads like something that could be shot as a tragic thriller movie.
    Everybody dies….that’s shocking.

    I like the paciness of the story. Despite being a flash fiction, it said soo much within a short time. But then also there was the risk of losing some info all in the bid to make it compact.

    Watch out for that next time.

    1. Thanks alot. The story wAs initially written for a short presentation. Then decided to post here. Il expand next time, nonetheless. Thankssss

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