Stolen Zeroes

Stolen Zeroes

Delirious and useless named failing failure
Unending love from widow’s crier
Hand shakes and pockets emptied
For a zeroes sorrow remains unheard

Dead turn ruins – manure for solace
My crime gets ultimate penance
I have a future but can’t get past tomorrow
My appetite served with sorrow’s worry

Education a good place to start
Paper in the bag but still not smart
Brain filled with nothing
mind races for manner or something

Same location different laws
Crimes for my fall make them tall
My crimes get me stakes
Same crimes get them plaques

Country remains poor
No one seeks for a cure
For this there is no remedy
I smile watching our great comedy

Cash in billions take a walk
It goes to work for men who talk
You and I get jail term
In office they get another term

Everyone steals but not all stay free
A thief of pennies drowned in the sea
Pot-belly briefcases keep missing zeroes
Our nation’s heroes the unsung trolls

4 thoughts on “Stolen Zeroes” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. e ku ise… nice :)
    the question will always be…ARE THEY LISTENING if then DO THEY CARE ?…
    if my mother wants me to be a “senator” …
    *carry briefcase too*…

    1. until they are willing to hear, we keep saying it. to be quiet because they don’t listen is to become a part of the problem

  2. @ogbolesamson, this is beautiful as @ElizabethII even observes. I admire your choice of words and… your rhyme scheme was just excellent…

    1. thank you sir

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