The Love Affair

Together we stroll Along white plains daily. With my fingers Gripping firmly her tiny waist. My feelings She put in black and white Combining lineation For generations to stare in awe. On my palm she lay At night time Never sleeping Ever ready To trap Overflowing thoughts. Preventing them From fleeing. Indispensable She has become … Continue reading The Love Affair


It gives me great pleasure to write to you again, and this time with very exciting news! In November 2013 I officially released my fiction novella DAPPLED THINGS published by Partridge Puglishing, a Penguin Company. We had a great time at Ember Creek, Ikoyi, that night. Here’s a link to a photo report to remind you of what went … Continue reading UPDATE: DAPPLED THINGS By Iweka Kingsley


  Deep feeling in my heart Sorrow and I so part I say everyday Speaking, soliloquizing like am nuts Emotionally it hurts Do I stay and get slayed? On the street, away Destiny and reality delayed A soul seeking help Uncertainty known with every step The truth blown away like Siamese All around like touché … Continue reading Until…

When Foul is Fair: Part 1

When Foul is Fair: Part 1

The rain had stopped but the drizzle could still do damage to one’s clothes. The streets were all wet and clean but the drainages were bursting at the seams from debris. It stank to high heavens and the eatery that was located close to the main road made it even worse. No one ever walked … Continue reading When Foul is Fair: Part 1

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 6)

The silence in the doctor’s office would be impregnable, but for constant measured sound coming from Benny’s shoes impact on the tiled floor. Shade sat on a chair beside the doctor’s table, making her having angled eye contact with Thunder and Joan, both of whom were sitting directly opposite the doctor, anytime she looked up … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 6)

Funaabites Groan

                                          FUNAABITES GROAN If the result of the last 6 months FG vs. ASUU battle that spanned July 1ST to December 20TH 2013 was a success on all university or by extension to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria, So be it! Yet the truth must be said that the case is different for the … Continue reading Funaabites Groan

Demons On Church Street: Episode Twelve.

Adam rubbed his shivering hands together, he badly needed a drink. He was seated on the staircase of house where he had found the dead bodies. Policemen went in and out of the house, taking crime scene pictures and bagging anything they thought was evidence. Tola was seated close to him, she was talking with … Continue reading Demons On Church Street: Episode Twelve.