One More Day in Paradise – Part Four

Slowly the clock ticked away, at first she was anxious, then restless. She paced up and down.

‘If he couldn’t make it whats stopping him from calling me to cancel’. She thought, she then decided to call, as soon as she dialed the phone began to ring in their apartment.

‘Oh so he forgot his phone, thats why he didnt call’. she said to herself feeling relieved.

‘But he should have returned by now’. She thought, still pacing.

The phone rang she checked it was Eze, she didn’t pick but it continued, so she answered.

‘How’s the date going man’.Eze had said in an enthusiastic tone, ‘am sure very good, don’t worry I know you cant talk, so no problem. Any way make sure you dont let her pay the bill o!, It will be an insult on your manhood, enjoy yourself’. He said hanging up.

‘What the hell was Eze talking about, if he thought Ayo was out with her why would he talk about bills’. She said aloud, something was fishy, after much contemplation, she decided to check the phone, after all he had left in hurry aftet receiving the text message.

‘Meet me at jevinik’, it was sent by a “Pearl”

Her heart was racing without thinking much she carried her purse and headed to jevinik.

Jevinik was quite far from gwagwalada, the reason why Ayo thought he could make it back, that too in a public transport was a mystery, maybe his mind was not functioning well.

After what took like forever, she got there, the resturant was vast, but she spotted them easily, they were sitted beside the window, the lady looked rich, her hair was overflowing with Brazilian hair, her nails were painted black, as if she was trying to practice witchcraft, she thought, her wrist was glimmering with what looked like a Rolex.

They were engrossed in a conversation, they laughed. Despite sitting opposite each other, their heads was almost colliding. She couldn’t look anymore, she turned around and left, tears roling down her Cheeks.


Ayo looked up at the giant clock, ‘past ten’,he said to himself.

‘I can see its getting late’.

‘Yea we better get going’.

Ayo quickly payed the bill and they left. She dropped him off where to get a car to gwagwalada.

‘So you come all the way from gwagwalada every morning’.


‘Wow and you make it quiet early’.

Ayo smiled,he wasnt sure what to say. When he walked into jevinik and seen her, he was taken aback, she looked so beautiful, if she had taken the trouble to invite him to dinner because he apologized, then he shouldn’t disappoint her, but tomorrow he would tell her about Temi so she doesn’t start to get wrong idea, he promised himself.

When he got back, it was quiet late, Temi was sleeping in the sitting room, she still had her dress on. He caressed her Cheek.

‘Sweetheart’. He called gently

Her eyes flew open almost as if she was not sleeping.

‘You are back’. She said coldly moving away from his touch.

‘Yes and am very sorry I couldn’t call to cancel becaus I had forgotten my phone’.

She gave him the phone.

‘So how’s your boss’.

‘He’s fine, I didn’t finish on time that’s why …’.

‘What couldn’t you finish’. She cut him short, ,your dinner with your expensive lover you have to impress’.

‘What are you talking about’.

‘Where were you’, she snapped.

‘I told you I had to run an errand for my boss’.

‘At jevinik’.

‘You followed me’. He said coldly.


‘It means you went through my phone’.


‘How could you, in all the years we’ve been together have I ever checked your phone’.

‘Dont try to change the topic, if you wanted to go out with another woman why did you ask me at all’.

‘You are getting me wrong’.

‘I saw you, you dont have to lie’.

‘You know you shouldn’t have done that’.

‘But i did, how could you do this to me, how could you betray me’. she said, jacking his shirt.

Ayo was taken aback by the sudden violent behaviour, he was equally angry that she spied on him.

‘Ever since you got this your job you have been acting funny and pricey’.

‘What are you doing’ he asked taking off her hands, what the hell is wrong with you’.

They exchanged bitter words and the fight escalated, it ended with Temi in the room and Ayo in the living room.


Since the day of the fight things went from bad to worse, and it ended up with Ayo packing out, that happened barely 2 weeks ago. Temi’s friends had been asking her what was wrong since then, but she gave evasive answers. she had been depressed, she was writting her last paper which she was sure she would carry over, for she did not read.

‘Nawa for this paper o, I no fit write anything’. sandra said

‘Hmmmmm me too o’. Added Fatima.

‘What of you Temi’.Sandra asked her.

‘It was OK’.

‘It was not ok o, I saw your script, you did not write any thing’. Fatima said.

‘Well looks like we have to see the lecturer, before we go home, Sandra said.

‘This is our final paper, we no fit comeback’. Fatima added.


Money they say is the root of all evil, it also represents the beautiful and expensive things in life as well. Ayo had forgotten his previous life when he used to trek and soak garri, he now lived in the world of armani suits and tm lewin tie. He got more respect from everyone as he reputation shot up. Infront of him people praised him and attributed his success to his hard work, but behind he was called every nasty name from player to Casanova and even gold digger, after all there was no better explanation for the success he achieved in a very short while.

The dramatic change in his life occurred when he packd out of his apartment into Pearl’s flat, though he initially refused he had agreed after much cajoling, the main reason  he had consoled himself was that Temi pushed him to wall and he needed space.

Since then he was a changed person, after alot of pestering from Eze he succeeded in getting him promoted to a post where he had an office to himself, gradually he forgot his humble self and to top it all he lived off Pearl, which was not bad as the package included foreign trips.

He had almost forgotten the entire fours years he spent with Temi, he he only rememberd occasionally when he watched romantic movies or saw a couple moving hand in hand with love in their eyes.



The sun rose slowly, the rays filtered through the window, Temi covered her face with her duvet, one of the souvenirs she brought from school, an irritating sound came from outside coupled with their incessant rantings on God knows what. Harshly the duvet was dragged from her body.

‘wake up jare, na only you go unifasty, her mom growled sins u come back, you are sleep like this, you are lazy around, go houside, and receive a fresh air, silly girl you will be lying down around, you dont know people go soon start to dey gossiping.

she sat up and gathered the duvet aroud her self, ‘mama now ahn what is it sef’.

‘Is a 10 o clock in the morin, a girl should be finishing her work by now not sleeping’

‘Mama am coming’, she said lying back.

‘Dont try me o oloshi’ her mother screamed by then she had switched toYoruba.

Her mom was a very sweet human being, and very pretty too, but when ever she screamed you had to obey or else she wont stop till everybody came to witness whatever it was thats happening, despite having had 6 kids she still had her figure intact although it was always covered in loose iro and buba, poeple always say she looked like her, she spoke english with alot of difficulty, most times Temi wondered why she tried.

when temi got outside a smell drove her back inside, she quickly ran to the toilet and started puking.

what is wrong with this girl her mother thought, those signs are bad for an unmarried girl.

Temi has been in and out of sickness lately, her mother had been disturbing her plus her period was late, she went to a lab quiet far from her house to get a pregnancy test, to her horror it was positive, ‘what will i do now’, she said to her self on her way back home. Since Ayo left she had not set her eyes on him and neither did he call her.


It didnt take long for her already suspicious mother to put one and two together and deduce that her daughter was pregnant, all hell went loose when her father was informed, he said he could not handle the shame of the abominable act.

‘Please where would she go in her state’. Her mother pleaded when her father asked to leave the house.

‘To where she got it from’.

‘Please we will find a solution’.

‘Get out!!!!.’ he screamed, ‘Or else I will set this house on fire and kill us all’ he threatened.

Temi had no choice but to leave.

She had nowhere to go, after wandering about she returned back to their megascreen flat.

She remembered her friend Sandra stays in gawags. After cryingh her heart out, she wiped her tears and dialed sandra’s number, promising her something juicy she was there in no time. By the time Temi was through with her story, she was in tears, sandra was consoling her.

‘So what do you want to do’.

‘I dont know yet’.

‘I know of a doctor who can help you get rid of it, at very low cost’.

‘What about risks.

‘Which risk, everything in life has risk, did you not take risk when you started living with your boyfriend. Did you not take risk when you did not use protection.

‘Ok’, she had mutterd dejectedly ,but am scared’.

‘Dont worry i’ll be there, its your only option’.

‘Well like how much do you mean by at very low cost’.

‘Like 20k’.


‘Please you never used to pay school fees, Ayo used to pay for you so you have money in your account, abi am I lying?

‘I think I should inform  Ayo about it first, at least he should know about it’, Temi said timidly.

‘What if the response is not what you expect it to be’. You could get hurt again’.

‘What can be worse,Sandra my father threw me out’.

‘OK but be prepared because I don’t see anything good coming out of this’.

The office was huge Ayo had told her he was on the 4th floor, she would have preferred to take the stairs but with the recurrent health setback issues lately she looked around for the lift,

She saw a lady over a desk and assumed she had to be the receptionist.

‘Hello please I want to see Ayo’, she said leaning on the desk.

‘By Ayo you ,mean mr Babalola’.


‘Do you have an appointment’.

‘No but its urgent’.

‘Please you have to fix..’.

‘Please its urgent’,she cut her off ‘please,’ she pleaded.

‘Ok third room to your left’. The lady said obviously not in a mood to argue, she didn’t like Ayo, so she cared less.

His name was engraved on the door. She didnt bother to knock she just pushed the door and enterd. He was engrossed, one hand on his squeezed fore head as he usually dose when he was concentrating. Temi closed the door noisly and that made him look up.

‘Temi’. he gasped almost out of air, what are you doing here. She did not answer

‘Please sit’, he said, she pulled out a chair and sat.

‘So what brings you here’,he said getting a little bit nervous, his heart was racing and despite the AC in the room, he still had to clean his face with his handkerchief.

‘Nice office you’ve got here’,she said looking around.

‘Thanks’ he answered nervously, ‘shit it was Temi why the jitters’.

‘Well’, she began, ‘I have something important to tell you’.

‘Go ahead’ he gestured with his hands.

‘Am pregnant’.

Ayo’s heart stopped, ‘what!!!!’, he screamed.

She did not repeat herself

‘Are u sure’? He asked feeling awkward

She still did not answer

He rose from his chair to the water dispenser and drank a whole glass without stopping

‘How long is it’.

‘Almost 10 weeks’.

There was silence.

‘What do you intend to do’,Ayo broke then silence.

‘I don’t know’.

Ayo paced up and down in his office, he felt hot from inside, just when his life was finally moving right now this, ‘what should I do now’, he thought accepting this meant he had to leave Pearl and the benefits. Temi just looked on like a clone.

‘Am I even responsible’, he regretted making that statement but it was too late. She got up carried her handbag and made for the door.

‘Wait’ he said, she stopped, he opened a drawer and brought out wads of cash, he himself put it in her bag, ‘I think you should terminate it’

She removed the money and placed it on his desk, he was not surprised. She walked away, he had a strong urge to run after her, take her in his arms and tell her everything will be alright, but he didn’t, he just stood there. He thought he should be feeling relieved since, what would have been an obstacle to his new life just walked out the door, He was not relieved, in fact it was like a heavy metal was put on his chest. He put the money back in the drawer.

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