Longlist For The NS Publishing Writing Contest

NS Publishing is delighted to announce a longlist of 20 out of the total of 37 titles received in the call for manuscripts. They are as followa :

Navy Boy Memoirs by Okwuje Israel Chukwuemeka
Matchsticks by Daniel Okoli
There Is an Empty Space Here by Nmadiuto Uche
Mind over Matter by Oluwatobi Ogundiran
Mistakes and Murder by Mimi Adebayo
Their Mistakes by Diana Sheni-Timnan
Asphyxiation by Nnamdi Fred
Escape from Bamako by Onwochei Immanuel
Eggshell by Afolami Richard
Sister Dear by Hannah Onoguwe
Saving Onome by Olufunmilola Olubunmi Adeniran
Under the African Sky by Adamu Donald
Rahila by Ofordum Esther N.
Bond Boy by Elohor Turtoe
Waiting for Daddy by Leekwid
Wings of the Ostrich by Andrew Aondosoo Labe
Sin by Judd-Leonard Okafor
Two Raging Rivers and other Stories by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema
The Maiden Head by Barbara Belac-Idhugwe
Tales of the Black Waters by Ekukinam Enyiema

7 thoughts on “Longlist For The NS Publishing Writing Contest” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Congratulations to all those whose manuscripts have been chosen for considerations.

  2. AudreyTimms (@AudreyTimms)

    Okay! I just need to know what next? D longlist came out over a month ago. Do we need to continue waiting or just give up and move on to other projects. Thanks

  3. I am still still hoping and praying that I will be on the final list. Congrats to all the shortlisted

    1. Congratulations to everyone chosen. I wish them all the best. Still no word yet on the finalists but then I guess these things do take time.

      @audrytimms, I think you should continue working on other projects while you wait.

  4. waiting for the long list and working on other project

  5. Admin please any news on the contest yet???

  6. Any news on this contest yet??? we have been waiting

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