How I Loved You.


Going deep into this,

my tired eyes prays I never start.

It reflects the miseries of our glorious bliss

and separates our odium several distance apart.


Good memories of that following day

when we came to an understanding to to defile this mystery called virginity.

The very vigor of our betroth love – gone away.

The strength  of our enchanting jealousy.


How I wished your smiles I can behold,

and reminds you of the promises we made to keep this love always on our path,

and your vow that our wrangles, we’ll bury down to death.

and whispers in your ears how I love you.


How I wish a glimpse of you I can hold

and tell of your nature made beauty

beyond the realities of the treasures of gold,

the blessings that binds our unconditional love like a glue

of glorious eternity.


How I wished my voice, you’ll hear

my pains, you’ll bear

my emotions, you’ll feel

and my feelings, you’ll perceive

how I do love you.


8 thoughts on “How I Loved You.” by Chiazo Egbukwu (@Pkc)

  1. I love this. The alternating rhymes at the end makes the poem more interesting… NIce!

    1. PaulKelvin Egbukwu (@Pkc)

      @innoalifa: thanks so much.

      1. @Pkc, you’re welcome to naijastories… hoping to read more of your productions…

  2. PaulKelvin Egbukwu (@Pkc)

    @innoalifa, thanks again, hoping to read from you too, lets go there.

    1. @Pkc, it’s an awesome beginning for you… for us… :)

  3. And of course, welcome to NS dear.

  4. Chiazo Egbukwu (@Pkc)

    @uzywhyte; thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciates.

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