Holy Madness


We hear them as we approach

The shrill cries
The Stamping of feet
What is this place?
We hear their wild shrieks
See them fall and writhe on the floor in seizures
Perhaps they are mad
They speak in strange foreign tongues
There is talk of Pregnant virgins
And talking snakes
Now we are afraid
Who are these people?
They speak of drinking blood
And consuming flesh
Now are convinced of their Madness
We turn to leave
To flee before we too are consumed
But it is too late
We are surrounded
Wide feral grins reveal their joy at our presence
“Welcome”, they say
Welcome to the house of the Lord!

3 thoughts on “Holy Madness” by afroscribe (@afroscribe)

  1. I love this poetic exposition of penterascalism in the country… May your poetic light shine on!

  2. What a creative way to grasp spiritual mystery. Until you are hit by that same power, you may never understand what it feels to be under the influence…

  3. Interesting representation

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