It is dark,

In the middle of the day,

The sun is overtaken by the

Sad cloud

That shed tears

In racking spasms

And bawls on the shoulder

On the earth

As it soaks up the anguish

And sways and rocks

A steady rhythm.


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10 thoughts on “Grief” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. …concise and precise as characteristic of poems…

    1. @innoalifa thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    A steady rhythm?

    1. @Jessy_deremi, connecting the last line of the poem with the penultimate and antipenultimate line drives home the sense of the @topazo‘s usage of ‘steady rhythm.” Read through the poem again and see if you can decipher something clearer focusing on the last three lines: “As it soaks up the anguish/And sways and rocks/A steady rhythm.”

      1. @innoalifa thanks for the analysis…i couldn’t have said it better myself

        1. @topazo, you’re always welcome. After all, we share a similar world: the world of poetry. :)

  3. Love the mood you created from the first line…


    1. @kwisike thanks

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