Exhortation to my Spirit

Exhortation to my Spirit


Arise, arise oh the Spirit of man in me

Arise beside my feeble flesh and blood

Here I stand unclothed of nothingness!

Naked as the day I pilgrim to this earth

Arise in me from your cocoon, oh spirit

Arise, my spirit of man in me, raise up

Arise from the caves of sin and shame

Would you crouch in fears unendingly?

Arise in me for the battle line is drawn

Take position and strategize your feat

To posses your possession of splendor

Arise to consciousness of who you are

Arise to the victory of the ancient cross

For my banner is neither ruin nor death

Arise to me and give me strength Spirit

Then I hold the fort with and you in me

Thus far hence forth I surrender to none

Nor to the foes of my soul, lay enslaved

For ensigned with seal in you, oh Spirit

Is the immortal breath of the conqueror!

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