Don’t Love me On 14th February Again

Don’t Love me On 14th February Again


Don’t Love me on 14th February

Don’t love me on the fourteenth

If you would wait for a day to love

Or worst didn’t start from the first

For there’s no better day to show

Nor a special day to love like on 14th

When one might think like a Midas

And kiss like Judas saying, “it’s love”

“There’s love in the air” they all say

As if hatred has been hung up there

It’s far too lofty to hang love in the err

When there are rooms in our hearts

And every day to express some love

Therefore, let this day be of a value

In time as earth celebrates Valentine

Peace to warring nations and healing

To the sick, brokenhearted and hated

Socour to the needy, sight to the blind

To the lonely, unloved, and despaired

Divorced, disorientated, and alienated

May they all find direction to true love

And through St. Valentine find peace!

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