Boom the august resident Lee

Boom the august resident Lee

Boom the august resident Lee

that has gotten so much from me.

Ask his wife to render his thrust-

resident Lee, boom the august.


Under my roof is where they stay:

Lee, wife and his children I say.

For yet to rely on this proof,

is where they stay, under my roof.


In my cottage, they quench their thirst

there they clatter who to sip first.

Lee tutors his kin to manage;

they quench their thirst in my cottage.


This glory day brings them blessing,

as Lee’s wife by well she’s fetching

Sights a bundle of cash on clay,

Brings them blessing, this glory day.


The news reaches…, Lee celebrates

hugs his kin for the open gates.

Thanks his wife for bestowed riches;

Lee celebrates, the news reaches.


“The time is now” says Lee to me.

“My family and I now agree,

To go out there to know the ‘how’”

Says Lee to me, the time is now.

©A.O, 2014


3 thoughts on “Boom the august resident Lee” by TalkToPee (@princehto)

  1. happy for Lee’s wife and family… nice poem…

    1. TalkToPee (@princehto)

      Yeah, Happy I am too.

  2. Hoping to read more of you @princehto

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