Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! (1st Edition)- Episode 4:

I’ve been into so many relationships before I met Darasimi. As a matter of fact, I had vowed not to date any lady until I’m ready for an engagement. I was simply not just good at keeping or maintaining long-term relationships. I get tired once my partner starts messing up…..I don’t tolerate bullshit. For instance, if I tell my babe to call me at a particular time and she doesn’t, if she calls later on….itz either I don’t pick up or I pick up and bullshit her. I never gave a FLYING FUCK! I was so ready to lose any girl…..after all, babes plenty for this world. The truth is; no matter what Darasimi did to me, I was never ready to lose her for anything.

I kept on tolerating her attitude…..LOVE can sometimes make a guy lose his value and respect.

No one in my family has ever got the gut to allow my parents know that he/she is in a serious relationship with someone whatsoever…..not even my brother who is 6 years older than I am. But, I did. We had a full house that night….all of us were around. So, we were all in the sitting room gisting. I shut everyone up when I announced that I was in love with a girl, Darasimi. I even had the courage to tell my family how I met her, what my plans were for her at the initial stage before falling in love with her. As I did this, my younger brother was pinching me not to make mention of the fact that Darasimi is his girlfriend’s cousin….make I no koba am…..we (my siblings and I) all knew the consequences of what I was doing. Everyone, including my mother and father (who actually was pretending like he wasn’t listening) listened attentively. I was so surprised that I wasn’t silenced by my father or mother. I said everything before slowing down to get a comment from someone in the sitting room.

I was so shocked when my mother asked me if she is a Christian or not….I answered “Yes, she’s a Christian”. Then, she asked if I had any of her pictures on my phone. Oh! You needed to see how delighted I was when I heard my mum say this. My father didn’t say a word….I took that as ‘he had blessed our relationship’. I took the risk of losing my parents’ interest in me by telling them about Darasimi….something I would never have done if I were not in love.

That same night, after showing my mum her pictures, I called my Darasimi in front of my whole family….turned ON the speaker of my phone. At the end of our conversation, I said the most VALUABLE & INTERESTING words in the world – “I LOVE YOU”….Darasimi replied with “Ok, thank you, good night”…..I could see the shock on my siblings’ faces…..I started shaking…..will Darasimi embarrass me like this? I repeated the words again thinking maybe she didn’t hear me well…..she replied “Hen now, I heard you.”…..Haaaaaa! GOBE!!! My siblings started making jest of me. I had to reveal to Darasimi that I was in the midst of my siblings and parents…, she should please reply with the correct words so as not to yeye me. My parents and siblings still talk about what happened that night till date….they’ll ask – “How is that your girlfriend who replies you with ok, thank you whenever you tell her you love her?”….that was very bad, hun?

I love writing to Darasimi. I remember my first letter to her, a 3 full page letter…..In that letter, I explained how I fell in love with her and so many other issues related to our relationship….my sincere promises and emotional-inspired messages. I got it delivered to her in a white envelop on her mum’s birthday. No one read my letter and didn’t feel the spirit of love…..even my friends who saw the letter (my copy….I actually had it typed and printed out) where I kept it, rained abuses on me….although, they later acknowledged my courage to do such a thing. None of them would never have being so romantic as I was. I always wanted Darasimi to be happy, even at the expense of my own happiness.

But, I guess Darasimi just didn’t care how I felt when she does her things. It got to a point that she was always very quiet and on a very lowkey whenever she was with me in my house or anywhere. She wouldn’t answer my questions the way they should be answered. But, she was a little bit interactive when we chat on social networks. This, I didn’t want.

My friends at office sometimes come to spend the night in my house. Not that I didn’t like their company but they get me annoyed most of the time. There was a night they really got me pissed off, I called Darasimi to let’s meet around her house, I haven’t seen her for a while. I got to her place and we found a place to sit in front of her house. I made it known to Darasimi the reason I left my friends to come see her. She didn’t even make any comment. I tried to start a discussion but she wasn’t just ready to speak with me.

I wasn’t surprised at all cuz no be today she don dey act like that. But that night, I wasn’t in a good mood and I wanted her to pet me…..she was just sitting there looking at me like a moron. I asked her what the problem was…..initially, she would say nothing and continue her in mute mode……but that night she didn’t even say a word. I regretted calling to see her because she successfully ruined my mood the more. I told her I was leaving… wont believe it, from my standing up to my departure…..Darasimi was seated there, didn’t make a move and didn’t even wish me Good Nite or called me back.

I was soooooooo angry that I decided I wont call, text or connect with her until she apologizes for what she did that night.

I went home that night with tears in my eyes. I have never, I mean NEVER EVER cried for a lady in my life. Darasimi was the first lady who brought tears to my eyes. I went straight to bed, ignoring the food my friends had prepared for me.

If you had ever met Darasimi and I, you would never have thought that we were lovers. A plane could park in the space between Darasimi and I in my room. I had always prayed for a ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP in my life. The one I was running with Darasimi cannot be called a RELATIONSHIP not to even talk of being ROMANTIC.

Darasimi didn’t say anything about my 3-page letter until I asked her after 3weeks. Her response wasn’t encouraging at all at all. I doubt if she ever read the letter sef.

I made up my mind that I will not continue like this. So, I stood on my decision not to have any connection with her if she doesn’t apologize for what she did that night…..even though it wasn’t going to be easy for me to do.

For over a week, Darasimi didn’t realize her mistake….she never thought she had done something bad to my heart. She didn’t make a move to call, flash or text. Even when she was online, she never bothered to say ‘Hello’. She later got to know through a girlfriend of mine who I had explained everything to. Then, she started making moves to apologize. I wasn’t ready to accept until I see that she was ready to change. After sending some people to me, I decided to forgive her…..I had already forgiven her the next day she offended me. I only wanted to make her change and know how it hurts me whenever she treats me that way. I replied the text she sent to me where she said she wanted to see me to at least explain herself…..told her to come around whenever she was free. I never knew Darasimi wanted to come and launch an upgraded version of her mute mode. I wasn’t even expecting her to come begging me….which actually should be what she should do…..but,

Darasimi shocked me by doing and saying nothing on her arrival at my house. She made herself comfortable and then launched a higher version of her mute mode…..I felt maybe she was shy or something….so I tried to be a little bit romantic by squatting in front of her and told her not to worry herself to apologize cuz I had forgiven her long time ago…..I wanted to let her be re-assured that I truly love her and would never leave her for anything. I wanted to make her understand that what she was doing was not healthy for our relationship. I had not even started telling her these when I discovered the expression on her face…..the ‘I dont care’ kind of facial expression. I just stood up and went to sit on my bed. I was waiting for her to say something…..but she never did. I broke the silence by telling her that if she doesn’t have anything to do or say, she should just leave. I was already getting mad. I told her not to ruin my mood as she has always done. The only words that came out of her mouth was ‘I’m sorry’…..and she said it only ONCE….like I even forced her to say it. I yelled at her that I don’t want her to be sorry but CHANGE and start making me feel her love and care. She still didn’t say a single word. I tried to ignore her by taking my laptop to see a movie….it just didn’t work.

I told her I would leave her all alone in my room and go outside, if she was ready to leave, she would leave. I waited outside for over 15 minutes, Darasimi didn’t show up. I don’t get angry easily, but once am angry, I spoil and get things destroyed. I went back inside and told her I’d lock her inside my house and go out. I got my keys and as I was about to open my door to leave, she rushed up and told me she would leave. I opened the door for her to get out and after she was finally out, I slammed shut my door. And fell on my bed with my face down, weeping furiously. Anyhow, anyway, I got myself soooo drunk that night….just to get over it. Please, don’t blame me……If I hadn’t done it that way, maybe I will not be sharing my story with you today….I would have run out of my mind and probably be on the street shouting and singing Wizkid’s Love my baby song as a mad man. It was that worse.

I really really loved Darasimi. Although, she was not acting like she loved me too…..buh, I still loved her so much. Darasimi is such a very strong-headed and stubborn girl. I really couldn’t say if she had all the quality I wanted in a woman… a result of what she was doing to me. But, something somewhere in my heart tells me she was doing it intentionally.

And then I thought, it was already 4 months into our relationship, if she was doing this to test my patience or endurance…..4 months of ‘No care’, ‘No love’, but ‘Torture’ was already getting too much. She was already getting used to it. She might end up being like this as my wife and afterwards, when I start complaining, she’d say – ‘Was this not how I was before you got married to me?’ No, I don’t want that kind of marriage.

I called her the next day (early in the morning) after the night I forced her out of my house….I told her I was sooo sorry, that I didn’t mean to treat her that way. Now, you can see I was out of my mind and it was obvious I was crazy about Darasimi….was I supposed to be the one apologizing? But, I did.

I wanted to work very hard and fight for our relationship to be successful. So, I started thinking of what to do to put a stop to all the nonsense I was allowing her to do to my heart.

– I don’t want to be a laughing stock in the midst of my friends cuz they had already told me my relationship with Darasimi will not last. Did it?

…to be continued!

Written by The Charming Humble Nice Guy.
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  1. Is either Darasimi is still observing her man or she is not too quick to give her life to him… when he pushed her out of his house,she must have been really up to his neck… a nice story… still following…

  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Is this guy for real?

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