Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! (1st Edition)- Episode 3

It wasn’t easy for me to get Darasimi fall in love with me. She already had a boyfriend who lives in Lagos, according to what she told me. It was so obvious she really liked me…..that alone was very ok by ME. I knew things will fall in place as we get along with each other. One thing I really love about Darasimi is she was always available for me…..except from the period she was in school. She was a final year student of a popular Polytechnic in Nigeria. Once she was home….she comes to my place after dropping her luggages at home. Darasimi, whenever she was with me was always kinda quiet. I do all the talking, all she does was respond with words like – ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Never mind’, ‘Ok’, ‘No problem’, ‘Hun’ and then sometimes she makes some movements like nodding her head, shaking her head or waving her hand.

These reactions are normal…, I really didn’t take it serious…..I was very satisfied with them all. There are sometimes, she wont even say a single word throughout. I still was very satisfied with that. I need not to remind you that I and Darasimi have not yet started dating this period. Buh, I told her one thing which was my WATCHWORD in our relationship – ‘If you are really meant for me, no matter what happen….you’ll come back to become mine. If you don’t come back, then you were never meant for me’. I assured her that I’ll wait till she’s single again. I like the fact that she was faithful to her boyfriend…..I also don’t like the idea of disturbing someone who has already been taken…..I will not take it likely with whoever try it with my LADY.

Our friendship became soooo STRONG, we got connected on social networks. We get to really chat on online platforms like 2go and facebook. I could remember Darasimi coming online minutes after leaving my place and discuss issues she couldn’t discuss when she was with me. I really didn’t like this concept. I wanted HER to be very free with ME…..I complained to her about this and it got a lil bit better.

Oh! I hope you haven’t forgotten Yemisi? My brother’s girlfriend. Yemisi and I who were once ‘Hi Hi’ individuals became best of friends. We now see and gist almost everyday… brother comes around once in a while….so, when she’s missing my brother…..I come in place of my brother……lolz! *Stop thinking otherwise….your minds are dirty.* She calls me sometimes to come visit her at home….she lives with her parents, brothers and sisters. Darasimi calls Yemisi’s place her 2nd home…..she was always there. I got to know Yemisi’s entire immediate family members. Her parents thought I was her boyfriend buh they later got to know the truth from Yemisi’s little brothers and sisters. Those ones will always be my best friends forever. Darasimi actually made me meet wonderful people which I will never forget in my life. My popularity in Darasimi’s family expanded in no time….to her own brothers, then to her cousins, to her family friends, her friends, and then to her mother. All of these happened just in a month or two! I was almost counted as one of their family members…..I had plans to become ONE…..*sobs* buh I ……….!

My love for Darasimi grew stronger every minute…..I always wanted to be with her…..I always wanted to talk to her over the phone…..when she was not online…..I always miss her so much. And not that I always enjoy chatting with her….she’s the type that replies a long message with ‘kk’ or ‘yeah’…..those words were like many sentences to me…..Yes! Cuz of LOVE. I wouldn’t tolerate that when I was still Temitope. MY WORLD BECAME SO EMPTY without Darasimi – someone who was in a serious relationship with a Lagos dude, maybe richer than I am. I didn’t mind…..I’d told her I’ll wait…..Well, I waited and got the good news ONE DAY.

I called Darasimi one evening, I could deduce from the way she was responding that she wasn’t happy at all. I asked her what the problem was…..’Never mind’ was the normal answer to all of my questions…..I was so used to that word that I do answer my questions myself. I wasn’t expecting anything other than the usual ‘Never mind’. I wanted to know what was really wrong with Darasimi, buh she wasn’t gon tell me. I then called Yemisi up to know wasup. She too couldn’t gimme a good answer. Yemisi promised to tell me what was really wrong the next day. I couldn’t sleep overnight…..what would have happened? I’ve never felt that way in my life. I’ve dated a whole lots of girls in the past…..buh, I’ve never been this nice, loving and caring. I was really really crazy about Darasimi.

Yemisi told me the next day that Darasimi has been heart broken! Was I supposed to be happy about this? Considering the fact that Darasimi was not happy about it also? I tried to allow a smile spread on my face, buh I just couldn’t find it. ‘Darasimi is sad and unhappy, so I must not be happy too’ – You can now see how crazy I was about this babe. Darasimi was heart broken, I didn’t even ask how, why and when?…..Do I need the stories?…..But, what was I supposed to do? Make use of this opportunity? *Cool down guyz….keep reading!*

Days after my birthday, Darasimi said YES!!!!!!! Oh! You needed to see how I somersaulted from my Uncle’s sofa (I was in my Uncle’s house that nite) when she told me on 2go. I was sooooo happy that I wanted to scream aloud…..buh, I didnt cuz everyone was asleep. It was past 11pm. I became speechless, I was just jumping, komoleing, moving up and down my Uncle’s sitting room murmuring (instead of shouting) for joy. I will never forget how I felt that night. I felt so fulfilled and accomplished. It was like I just won a billion dollar lottery. My DREAM GIRL has finally agreed to be MINE? I walked up to the fridge and poured juice into a glass cup and celebrated all alone. I called my brother immediately to inform him that Darasimi has said YES! Called some of my friends, all of them were all asleep, they didnt pick up…..I no fit wait to tell them about it the next day.

You’ll quickly notice the joy and happiness in me the next day in office. I majestically walked into my office, looked at my female colleagues and bullshit them – “Una think sey you fine? Have you seen my Queen? Have you seen my beautiful Darasimi? All of you no reach”. The news quickly went wild in my office…..’Tope has found LOVE’, ‘See as he’s glowing’, ‘They said the girl’s name is Dara’, ‘They said she’s a younger cousin to his younger brother’s girlfriend’…..I didn’t even know how they got all those infos. My best friend in office would have done the ofofo.

I and Darasimi had scheduled to meet in my house the next Sunday evening. It took centuries before Sunday arrived. When it came, I saw my love for the first time after she said YES. She has a special place in my room which she has carved out for herself every time she comes to my place. She goes straight there after I welcome her to my house. That Sunday, It was like her first time in my house. She looked more gorgeous and prettier. I didn’t get to see her smile that day – itz actually one of the best things I love to see. I assured her that day that I will always be there for her. I made her understood that I was in for a serious relationship. I talked and talked and talked…..said so many sweet words……not forgetting to always say the words – “I LOVE YOU, BABY” in between my talks. She didn’t say a single word. She was just there staring at me. It even got to a point that I felt my own talk sef don dey too much. But, if I kept quiet…..both of us will be bored……cuz she did not look like someone who was ready to say something. She left that day with a sign that she was going. I saw her off, re-affirmed to her when I was about to turn back that ‘I truly love her’ expecting to get a ‘I love you too’ kinda’ reply…..Darasimi just nodded her head and murmured ‘Hun’. I wasn’t shocked that much cuz I knew she just suffered a heartbreak and she really needed to take her time. I knew things will get better.

Buh I was so shocked when we both came online that same night and my own Darasimi was replying my messages like I was one of her toasters. She saw me the next day with my friends and just passed us by without a simple ‘Hi’……She did this before, buh my friends and I thought this will change since she’s said YES….my friends had to ask me what was wrong, NOTHING! The look on my friends’ faces was the – ‘Abi, this guy dey lie for us sey this babe don gree for am ni?’ kinda look. It was a big embarrassment for me. She doesn’t call, doesn’t reply my text messages. ‘Thank you’ became a normal reply to my ‘I love you’. ‘Hen hen’ was what I got whenever I told her how much I miss her. Her ‘mute’ mode was always activated when she comes around. When I see her off, she wouldn’t allow me hold her hand. We don’t hug….Did you just ask ‘What about Kiss?’…..don’t even go there……Kiss loun loun? I began to see myself as a normal friend to Darasimi. This went ON for over 7 weeks! I began to break down emotionally. I began to lose my self confidence. I began to look like the girlfriend, while Darasimi became the boyfriend, cuz she took total control. I was the one who was always apologizing whenever we had a lil misunderstanding. She toyed with my feelings almost every time. Sometimes, I get scared to call Darasimi, cuz she was very very good at ruining my mood. This mad attitude of hers was already becoming too much for me. I had to inform my friends about it before I run mad….told my brother…..and then reported her to Yemisi, my brother’s girlfriend. Some said maybe she was just the ‘shy’ type. Some said it was normal cuz of her recent break up. After 7 weeks? How long does she want to do this? I didn’t pray for this kinda relationship.


….to be continued!

Written by The Charming Humble Nice Guy.
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  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Good story but you really need to work on the grammer, lexis and structure generally overhaul the write up. By

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @mc_jawbone, What @nalongo said…

  2. I concur on what others have said, this needs an overhauling, it detracted from the beautiful story you were telling….

  3. @mc_jawbone, I’m intrigued as to what could be the reason for Darasimi’s reaction to the MC. It’s certainly given the story an air of suspense.

    Take heed of what @nalongo, @elly and @omoniyi-adeshola have said. There are plenty of tense mixups, misspellings and punctuation errors that spoil what should be a good read.

  4. Seconding nalongo.

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