Beautiful Colors of Sin: Prologue

Alice handed Sonia the tapes and smiled. There were five of them.
“It has to be perfect,” she said and turned to leave. Sonia stared at the tapes for a while then she took them inside the house. It was night and it seemed like she was the only sane person still awake. She made sure that all lights were off and then made for her bedroom. She went straight to the table and inserted the tape into a recorder and after setting the volume right, she inserted her ear-piece and then she pressed play.
The words sipped into Sonia’s ears through the ear-piece like a torrent of rain. Alice had a very beautiful voice. She could get paid big money for doing radio jingles. Sonia listened for thirty minutes before she removed the ear-piece from her ears, her neck had begun to ache.
She adjusted the table–lamp to fall directly on her notepad. The light cast tall shadows on the walls as she reduced the gleam of the light. She cracked her fingers and took hold of her pen and stared at the blank paper, with her hand suspended in the air.
Sonia knew what she wanted to write, it was all in her head but she didn’t know how to start. She dropped the pen and looked up at the ceiling; flashes of memories came bubbling in her head: of faces, names, places, numbers, things; all in one confused blur. Her fiancée turned on his back and his snoring reduced. Sonia turned to look at him and he looked darker in the shadows of light. She wished she had her camera there in the room; she would have recorded the sound of his snores. It would be fun to see his reactions, she recalled nights of funny arguments on the truth of his snores.
Sonia smiled finally and allowed her gaze to shift to the photo frames on the table; they showed Alice’s pretty grin, Seann’s boyish smile, Brenda’s beautiful face, my fiancée’s smug look and my cute one. Alice wanted this story to be perfect. She was ecstatic when Sonia told her of the intention she had to write the story. She was there all along in the shadow of things as they unfolded. It was to be in two parts, one was Alice’s life account and the others as told by her brother, Sean.
Sonia knew it was a story she needed to tell and there she was trying to focus on how best to do it. She closed her eyes. She heard her fiancée sneeze and when she opened her eyes she saw him throw the blanket on the floor. Sonia walked up to the bed to cover him up with the discarded blanket. She smiled as he continued snoring, lost to everything around him. Sonia walked back to her table and drank a little water before she picked up her pen again. She shook her head, adjusted her seat and started to write.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Colors of Sin: Prologue” by Tai Fasina (@Tai)

  1. …waiting to see what Sonia was writing… a nice story!

    1. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

      Thanks. She sure has a lot to write about…Alice and Sean had an interestingly long life!



  4. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

    Commission. Aside that? Any other thing you noticed? It is why most writers has proof readers.

  5. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

    Omission I meant.

  6. And we wait in anticipation, to read what she wrote.

  7. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    I am also waiting.

  8. Tai Fasina, I like the the idea behind the prologue: I read chapter 1a before realising that there is a prologue. After reading the prologue and chapter 1a, I’ll say that you have a story to tell- a good one. A word of caution though: try to slow your story down a bit to allow us to smell, see, touch, feel, taste, and hear the story. I think you are already doing a great work. Very few people get to put their pen on paper at all to say anything for fear of making mistakes- but you’re brave and courageous. I hail you.

    One last word: REVISION.
    (I am available for proofreading and suggestions if you need any).

    Keep the ink flowing or rather fingers tapping at the keyboards or screen of your writing device.

    1. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

      Thanks @jofiak
      Read 1b too.
      Will post 2 soon. Thanks all points dully noted,

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