He needs help
fear every step
A friend for the end of the world
He thinks, help he soughts
Smile, admonitions so absurd
the best of all thoughts
He’s got the best of all
But unawares yet, his fall
he’s devoted , obedient
To him shall it a reciprocal
to a friend non resilient
Comply, all rules he must
Stupid and or radical
Even if it were written on dust
Does his life continue in woe?
Every “fortunate ‘’ footfall bruised be his toe
Stick with someone be he his desire
Still his death unknown
A buried corpse with all parts shown
May his soul consummated not by fire
A friend in a world of JUST ME!





3 thoughts on “Augur…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. The passion of the poet’s outburst is so glaring… nice try… keep up!

  2. Thanks a lot sir … :)

      in your words
      I see thoughts
      greatly carved
      on a beautiful canvass that’s your mind…………..

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