Adam and Steve 5

Their lips touched. Their hands wandered over each others body. It felt good, nonetheless, he was uneasy. He gently pulled away. He’d felt it strong–the nudge to stop, to fasten his slightly loose belt and to make a quick pull at the knob of the door.

I shouldn’t be doing this, he thought. I can’t —

Their eyes met; a timely halt to his thoughts. It was a look that assured him that it was only a thing for this night; a one-night stand.

“Should I switch off the light, or you want it on?”

He felt the grip on the crotch point of his trouser. Adam swallowed. No one has ever held me in this manner, he mused. He felt his penis harden. If this grip was to urge him on, definitely it had worked. “Off” he said, his voice slightly shaky.

He heard the click sound and the room went dark.

Steve turned on the bed. He was restless and queasy. His head felt light; his thoughts wandered.

Don’t know why you’re so blue, the sun’s gonna shine on everything you do …

The sound of his mobile phone indicating a new call didn’t break the flow of his thoughts. It broke through as it reached its peak.

Steve smiled when he heard the ring tone and its lyrics—funny how Dotun comes through when he needs him most, Steve mused. Even without checking, he knew it was Dotun. He’d saved Dotun’s contact with the dude’s favourite 90’s song.

Steve lazily stretched his hand to pick the phone. He heaved a breathe before he pressed the green button. “Hello”

“Hello” Dotun repeated, not out of courtesy, but an attempt to mimic Steve. “Man, you sometimes sound like a ghost.”

Steve chuckled. “Oh,”


“Am I surprised you know how a ghost would sound? Steve asked trying to sound serious. He continued before Dotun could respond “No man, I’m not”

Dotun laughed. “You know, you could be funny sometimes. And, speaking of ghosts. Ehm, your friend —”


“Yeah, Adam Wright”

“What about him?”

“I did my thing” Steve clearly heard the stress on the word ‘thing’. He knew what Dotun meant. Dotun can be undeniably nosy sometimes, Steve thought. “Mr. Adam works there, I mean in Lagos”

“I know” Steve said.

“I guess you don’t know about his blog. Do you?”

“His blog?”

“I guess that answers the question. You don’t. Well, nothing special about it. He writes on almost every topic”

“Likely, he’s still finding his feet with the blog stuff”

“Maybe. Well, lately he seems interested in fashion and sex. I feel tempted to add something else.”

“And what can that be?”

“Gay issues”

“Gay issues?”

“Yeah, nothing raunchy, though.”

Steve wanted to push this new line of discussion further, but he restrained himself. “Ok.”

“Adam is single, though he’s had a permanent girlfriend for a while.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, at least for the last five years. His facebook posts and photos attest to that.”

What was Adam thinking when he left with the lady he met in the bar this evening? He didn’t even seem so interested, Steve muttered to himself.

“I’m just wondering —” Dotun started.


“You both attended same secondary school, right?”


“How come you don’t have any mutual friend? I checked.”

A committed relationship? Five years? What is Adam really trying to prove? Steve pondered.

“Hello! Ghost man!”

“Yeah, you were saying —”

“Never mind. I got to go”

“Talk later”

Bonne Soiree

Steve managed a chuckle. “My middle finger in the air. Damn, you using my own line on me?”


On ne cesse jamais m’amuser

“You said?”

“Never mind”



Steve let the phone slip from his hand to the bed after the call ended. He reached for his wallet, bringing out the drug he kept there; the one Nathan had given him. He needed it now. The drinks earlier in the evening had set him off, but now he’d blame his headache on the thoughts that plagued his mind—thoughts about Adam.

Dotun tossed his phone absent-mindedly on the bed.

Adam and Steve. Dotun smiled. Nice cliché, he muttered to himself. With every new conversation he had with the guys, he always felt there was something both men were hiding from each other—and from him too. Dotun smiled as he remembered Adam’s worried tone when he exaggerated that Steve was making inquiries about him. These men—and their friendship too—had become a puzzle to Dotun; one puzzle he was particularly interested to unravel.

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  1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @namdi, I just started reading the series fully today, and my first observation was that the series has a well developed plot and the characters are plausible; it all sounds intriguing. of course, I think we need to explore this gay issue in our literature, considering how society has banned a real conversation. And I hope that this story rocks as it goes on. And yes, the French adds some panache to the story. You are a good writer, well done. Hope to read more of this series.

    1. namdi (@namdi)


      Thanks for the comment.

      Literature can help with the conversation, I agree.

  2. @namdi, there’s a good development. The progression and and believability of the work are not surreal… Nice!

    1. namdi (@namdi)


      Thanks. I appreciate the comment. I can assure you that the series will only get better.

      1. @namdi, would follow you on the story… nice!

  3. Explosive Write Up, Kudos

    1. namdi (@namdi)


      Wow, that comment for what I wrote? Thanks!

  4. Nalongo (@Nalongo)


  5. namdi (@namdi)


    Your comments so far are well appreciated. Intriguing? Wow!

  6. @namdi, I haven’t read the other installments in the series, but I liked this one. It was well written and had a clearly comprehensible, flowing narrative. It looks like the paths of Adam and Steve are about to intersect in a big way.

    Well done.

  7. namdi (@namdi)


    Adam & Steve, those guys; a lot coming their way.

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    smokies!i have been following and damn great story. i dont know where it would end but it sure would get me checking for subsequent parts..lovely sir

  9. namdi (@namdi)


    That’s a very nice comment; one I really appreciate. I don get customer! Lolzzz.

  10. Tai Fasina (@Tai)

    Yippeee!!!! *smacks him** took you long enough!!!! If you don’t start editing 6 right now, me and you go enter one sokoto. *smiles**

    Well done dear. I am so following, do I even need to say it! I’m all for erotic literature jor. I have a pseudonym here on NS that’s all about chic lit erotic literature, still finding my feet though.

    1. namdi (@namdi)


      Lolzzz. You really made me laugh. Thanks for the comment. I’m almost done with editing episode 6.

      A pseudonym. Hmmm.

  11. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    good luck to dotun cause he’s in for a big one…….

    1. namdi (@namdi)


      Definitely! Dotun is really in for a big one.

      Thanks for the comment.

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