Across the Fangs

Two cubs snarled hungrily, pursuing a hare along a narrow brook at the base of a mountain. The hare ran very hard and managed to take refuge unto a lanky tall tree by the wayside. One went ravenously after it, as the other waited so impatiently beneath the tree. The hare climbed further as the unyielding cub pressed higher; as the tree bent the more like a bow upon the ground!

Moreover, on seeing that his brother-cub was intending to pluck and devour their lunch all alone, he let go his grip and flopped against his jaws angrily.Lo! Upon the mountain was seen the fortunate hare bidding farewell to the disappointed selfish cubs as the bow-bent tree launched him high over, across the fangs of death!

Moral Lessons:

** Greediness & selfishness is not good.
**The Innocence are the free.
**God sees us through in our troubles.
**The Lord is our Shepherd, Psalm23.


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