● Two Halves Of A Tale ●

● Two Halves Of A Tale ●

I searched for my emotions through the compartments of my heart, but stumbled over some of Cupid’s older darts lodged in the vital parts
While you were getting drunk off of stale teardrops and shady thoughts alone in the dark
Sitting atop a mound of broken bottles and broken hearts, from previous lovers that made you reluctant to trust any other
I understand…
Your hormones wanted to have their way
When they started running high, your will never had the power to convince them to stay,
And make their home in the denim of a family gene
That teaches women how to be  queens

As for me, I was still off the love scene, dabbling in meth and lean, narrowing the possibilities of achieving my dreams
I thought I found love at the bottom of a bottle of Bud, but then I lost it again when I wasn’t in the embrace of the drugs
I’m not really sure, but maybe, just maybe we were meant to be
The Romeo and Juliet in this tale of two twisted realities, turned love fantasy
I can lend you some comfort, and you can give me some relief
As we find peace on the other side of a newly turned leaf
Call me crazy, but maybe we can turn our biographies into love songs
Being the only ones with ink pure enough to right all of our wrongs

13 thoughts on “● Two Halves Of A Tale ●” by six (@six)

  1. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    One word…wow!

    1. Though I concur with @Rachel_Williams, I think the structure of the poem can be improved…

  2. @Rachel_Williams, I’m really glad you were wowed…lol

  3. @innoalifa, I feel the same way, but it was kinda rushed, so please pardon me for this one time…lol. Thanks for commenting.

    1. @six, always welcome…

  4. I kind of liked being confused about whether it was a poem, or a write up. It was very nice however.

    1. @funpen, thank you very much…I think the arrangement of the lines kinda messed with the flow, cuz some of the end rhymes were dropped one line below the lines that they were actually meant to conclude.

  5. This is really good too.

    1. @kaycee, thanks for stopping by…I thought you were only into stories and stuff like that.

  6. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @six…my lyricist-poet strikes again! The wordplay is just effing great…the first verse killed, and the last five lines of the second verse (from: “The Romeo and Juliet…) just cinched it. You wrote this with your usual panache. Thanks, for tagging me on this, boss…good stuff as ever! Keep writing…

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, hahahaha, you slay me abeg…I really appreciate the comment joor…ahead ahead. Thanks again.

  7. Nice prose cum poem or what do I call it? I especially like the wordplay in the last line. Kudos.

    1. Thanks a lot @mcsnol, I really appreciate it…make we dey try.

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