What If He Commits Suicide?

His creditors cancel the books.
His neighbours, books him a part in their penance.
Regret is the penance of his greatest sibling rival.
Last encounter stories increase in greatness to the greatest by the last.
Everyone flashing the camera to the last scene,
Scrutinizing scenes between the reverse-play
Pondering where they ought to have stopped the fast-forward.

Keeping the norm of passage, he bequeathed guilt to close friends and family.
His friends leap by numbers; many lip-friends.
Sympathy in his pity-party swells in numbers,
Like the dough for puff-puff, it swells out from the tear duct.
From the puffy face of his mum, it rained heavily on him,
Like the rain the weather forecast never saw coming
He dented the integrity of the prophet, who foresaw his greatness.

Like a deity who can’t eat a food sacrifice, they offer him a job.

One thought on “What If He Commits Suicide?” by Whyte Datonye (@whyte)

  1. I read in between the lines and I saw the content-full mind of the poet… Keep on!

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