THE First meet with Deja vu

The Eyes Have it

Did you know that the eyes can speak so loud?

They shout their unspoken questions clear across the room
“Why do you hate me so much?”
“Why are you angry with me?”
“What did I do wrong?”
Mine silently respond
“Because you left me”
The child I once was didn’t understand why you left
The adolescent I once was learned to cloak my hurt in disdain
My anger was my bane
Anger fueled by a lack of understanding and acceptance
It festered and grew till it became as if it had its own existence
But anger does not a good bed fellow make
Neither does bitterness a worthy companion make
Unforgivingness is a heavy burden on one’s shoulders
They weary the spirit
But still I embraced them as friends
I fed on them as manna but they left behind an unpleasant taste
And I let them poison my heart till it became empty and dark
Then I grew older
And life taught me to be wiser
I thought to myself, “maybe I judged too harshly”
Maybe the world ain’t so black n white
And sometimes things aren’t always as they appear
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul
I look in my eyes and they are weary
They tell of the battles that rage within
My shoulders droop from the weight that I long to shed
Then I look in your eyes
And I don’t want to see the questions anymore
To let bygones be gone
To stop seeing the disappointment because I didn’t love you enough
To build a bridge
To let the light back in
To let our eyes find music and dance again

4 thoughts on “The Eyes Have it” by Miz Asa (@Ashadela)

  1. “…the eyes are the windows to the soul” It was nice one, lucid and not surreal…

  2. Often our eyes seek to see sympathies – for turmoil within- in others eyes, but find none…because other eyes reflect they have their own share of the trouble already. Hence, the need “… to build the bridge…find music and dance again” Nice piece.

  3. Miz Asa (@Ashadela)

    Thanks guys for you thoughts. Appreciate it

  4. Nice.

    But I think this would have worked better as an article than a poem…that is unless you changed the structure and made it a bit more abstract in metaphors

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