The Age Of The Internet

When the moment is silent

The world refuses to sleep

Humans all awake, beings restless


The Age of the Internet has most sleepless

We’re all there amidst the skies

We’re all there amidst the fire

All gathered, all joined by the force of life


The Age of the Internet has cured the curse of time: distance

Yet, here we are failing to meet eyes

Yet, here we are failing to connect minds


Like a high school, timid girls and boys afraid for a dance

So across the hall, though gathered, far apart we stay

Though gathered, words fail us, so the rift continues

This era when wounds should heal faster

This era when rivers apart should come closer

Oh, this era when understanding should make sense


Maybe this rift exist because not everyone’s fully connected

Soon very soon, from the south to the north, east to the west

The rest will come through these doors and then

Maybe then we all will finally use this gift to find tomorrow

One thought on “The Age Of The Internet” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. I like the message expressed. Because we have gadgets everywhere and we use the internet even while drinking coffee in the morning, we forget the people around us… there seems to be a more intimate attachment to gadgets, to the internet than to human beings… a nice poem indeed!

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