Taking My Town Elsewhere

I need a slow car to drive me slowly out of this town.
I’m taking a second look, having a second thought of everything.
Like clay absorbing water, I’m taking in everything ,but slowly.
Because i want to relish every passing moment.

I need to walk these streets slowly.
Delay exhaling while i breathe in slowly.
I’m taking this town with me wholly.
It’s experience condensed, but I’m nibbling it in intense bits.
The less essentials are vapourizing.
The highpoints are crystallizing,
To a salt worth dissolving.
I’m a face with a throng of unseen ones.
Welcome me with a plural.
I came reluctantly with my whole town.

One thought on “Taking My Town Elsewhere” by Whyte Datonye (@whyte)

  1. A simply good piece… keep on!

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