Dressed in a strong morale of immorality,
She was standing at the reception.
Apparently as a waitress,
But she was not.
She actually posed it for his attention.

Her figure-eight shape,
That could even make a gentlemqn stand starry in public,
Yawning and salivating in his eyes,
While his spittle turns alcoholic.

To avoid a third temptation,
He cut curtsy,
Asked for her name and number.
She gives him with many smiles,
With a sweet voice of a million tonic.

And with the way she stirred her lips,
Tantalizingly skippd her hips,
Together with her caculative catwalks,
He found himself in a sweet fantasy,
Romancing her armoring sight.

His rythm was about to cum,
When he grabbed her sexy thigh,
Unlocked her bra and white under-tie,
That from the clits one could see the reddish wet inside.

But just as he trod in,
He hit a brick wall and fell,
Though he did not die
He caught a terminal.

4 thoughts on “She” by silvanus (@silvanus)

  1. Quite disastrous for him to get a terminal… It was a nice rendition though there were certain typos like gentlemqn {gentleman} and rythm {rhythm.}

    1. *Laughing my ass off imagining the expression on @kaycee ‘s face.

  2. lol…this was almost like low budget poetry porn (darn….i’m not even sure I conveyed the thought accurately.)

    You have the potential to weave words creatively but for a poem that spoke expressively about illicit sexual intercourse and its consequence, it would have been nicer if you were not so directly prosaic as you did…I think it would have been nicer if you made it a bit abstract and fill up your descriptions with metaphors….the simplicity made it too graphic.

    But hey…poetic license may still mean you don’t need to change it.

    You should do some prose…with that potential. Hope you do already?

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