My Stepmother

I heard the tiny laughter in the silence of the dizzy night. He was cuddling her again like he always did. I got up from from the bed I had inherited from my bony grandpa who preferred using oil and salt to eat yam to using vegetable soup.

I really cannot lay my hand on the reason I got up from bed that night. There was no reason for me to be inquisitive. I had seen them both in the shameful act several times with my two large eyes my class teacher usually compared to those of a cat. Always wanted to punch her in the face for such statements, but my courage have always had away of creeping away like a wise tortoise from a ready trap.

I tiptoed to the door like I always did when I wanted to steal meat from the pot. This time, I was not about to steal. I was about to do something I had no reason for. I removed the old key from the keyhole and through the keyhole I beheld her naked body being fondled by the hands he used daily in changing car tyre and changing engine oil.

I spat to the ground in disgust. She was moaning and I did not need any prophet to tell me she was enjoying the insane and impure pleasure. Why they always left the light on I have not been able to fully understand. Maybe they did that to perfect their silly art.

After feeding my angry eyes with several stomach-turning gymnastics of theirs, I decided to tiptoe back to my bed and savor my red-glowing anger. The next thing that happened to me was so unexpected. I missed my steps and fell terribly like a volcano being spit out by mother Earth.

My fall was so loud that it disrupted their act of carnal pleasure. She came rushing in like a tornado, and if she had scrambled her clothes on or not, I could not see because I was writhing in pain like a street boy punched by an heavyweight boxer.

She was not concerned about my fall, but the possibility that I had seen her in the act. I prayed before I tried sleeping so I had no injuries. She helped me stand back on my feet. She had flipped the switch on, and light filled the room.

“Did you see anything?”

“Of course, I did!” I replied with anger that could melt a mountain burning deep within my soul.

“What did you see?” she asked with her eyes popping out like one of my favourite cartoon characters.

“Has he left?” I intentionally asked.


I could see guilt written all over her face, and I could see anger around her eyes. She walked away quietly from the room and slammed the noise-making door behind her. I did not care an ounce! I had expected her to ask if my mouth that runs like tap will narrate like a narrator what my eyes saw to my mother’s husband. But she didn’t.

I woke to meet an amazing breakfast on the only table in my small room. She was sitting close by, and greeted me good morning with a lovely smile on my face. She motioned me to sit and eat. She promised me I will get more of such meals everyday if she doesn’t lose her place as my step-mother.

She promised to do my laundry if I do not let my mouth spit her dirty acts to my father who believed every word I said. She promised so many things. I agreed, and pounced on the food like a lion on a prey.

Half-way through the mountainous meal, she told me she had poisoned the food. I almost coughed out my intestines, but she kept laughing like a witch. She then promised to throw my dead body into the cleanest river around before my businessman father ever thought of coming back.

I fell on the floor with my hands on my stomach. I cried at the top of my voice, and so I woke up from my dream.

Pangs of hunger raced through my stomach, and I remembered I had fell asleep hungry.

13 thoughts on “My Stepmother” by Sunday Erhun (@sundayerhun)

  1. Chino Ibe (@ChinoIbe)

    This is hilarious.
    I think the last line should read “and I remembered I had fallen asleep hungry”. Or “and I remembered I fell asleep hungry”

    Lovely! **smiling

  2. Thanks Chino! I wonder why I made such a blunder

  3. Fadehan (@Fadehan)

    You were callous for making it a dream… that’s the most horrible thing one wants to read.. next time, make sure you write your fictions outside the dreamworld! but it’s nice work though, keep it up by tidying some punctuation stuffs…

    1. Thanks for your observation! I’ll be more careful next time in regards to the punctuations. And for the dream thing, I personally enjoy doing that.

  4. Well thank God it was a dream

    1. Yeah, thank God!

  5. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Is the whole story a dream or it became a dream at some point?
    So it means none of the characters actually existed. Only you was in your story dreaming.

  6. namdi (@namdi)

    It was a relief, same time a let down when I realised it was a dream -the MC should have writhed in pain and died.

    Don’t mind me, tragedy sometimes is interesting.

    Nice write.

  7. OlabisiFeyisayofunmi (@OlabisiFeyisayofunmi)

    Interesting and hillarious,just a dream afterall lol

  8. lol…delightful tale of infidelity with dark humour.

    I’m not sure I find the ending satisfactory…it read as though you didn’t finish it.

    Then I think your metaphors are kind of forced and in some cases too exaggerated to connect to the narrated thought.

    Still you ended it in a nice twist

    I believe it can still be written better though

  9. Also…you need to watch the typos and tenses

  10. na the part of a dream world truely spoilt the whole sweet story although as everyone said watch the typos. nice read

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