Midnight’s Sunshine

When the early breeze brush your gentle face,
when your mind draws toward me with peaceful race,
when the soothing fragrance from your veil fill my empty space,
your eyes,like stars fill my keenly gaze,

the soft throb from my heart resting peacefully on your tender ace,
will show you my love, the bliss of comfort from the morning ray.
You are my beloved, I’ll love you now and hereafter,
when the divine hands open the door of our heart to the second phase.

You hear the late night whispers but miss the tones that sprinkles gold.
The pieces of your broken heart, one’s shattered now an endless void.
Tender taut soul that weakens that bleak ray.
Of love so pure like the quest for an holy grail.

Trust me your heart no deception shall drown.
Your mind shall dance,more even than Shakespeare’s clown.
Chattering maids that makes men’s heart bow.
Not even their chatter can force my heart into Limbo.

This arrogant love be it a flaw or call it a muse.
I’m lost in it, only you can find me in this ruse.
Give me your heart milady, let me write your verse.
Let us shame diana, and her lover’s pride ace.



The thirst of a pure heart for love, the promises only a true heart can fulfill, Love so tender in form but rough in proof.

In  memory of my beloved author, Williams Shakespeare.

4 thoughts on “Midnight’s Sunshine” by Emmanuel Ocean (@Rubytime20)

  1. This is sweet.

  2. @Rubytime20, quite a beautiful rendition as @kaycee testifies…

  3. Emmanuel Ocean (@Rubytime20)

    Thanks friends. The beauty of words is all that matters

  4. PaulKelvin Egbukwu (@Pkc)

    Really an interesting poem.

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