Falling Stars

Distances attained, now wasted

Two stars failing to fully converge

It shatters apart; the life time present,

It runs away from their grasp

So up high, these two go back to their starting points

Two stars, two souls meant to be one

But apart they remain, stretched far across the galaxy

Each alone, with a memory of what it would have been

Memories are the only dreams they have left


Two stars, two souls apart, divided by the night of space

Apart they burn, without love, they are lost

Both burning fast, both hastening the fall that is to come

So with much haste they shine

The fire that burnt must burn to cut ropes that keep these two stars apart

Burn it must, past the days of when these two could only dream

It must burn well until life itself had been replenished,

Then will the fire cease, and if by chance your gaze rests on the sky

Look closely and watch as these two stars both fall down to earth

Back to life, they crash

Spiraling their souls take form, reuniting

Combusting into love flames, shedding away heavenly skins

If you put ears to the sky during when these stars fall onto soil

You’ll hear the cries of two souls, born afresh

Two souls brought back into life to reconnect and reconcile lost times

One thought on “Falling Stars” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. … an intriguing one… good choice of words… “two stars, two souls…” Keep on!

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